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I was told we would get the same programing as directv and uverse. We asked before we canceled uverse if we would get nascar and all the fox sports channels.

opening day of braves game, we are having party and tune to the proper channel only to find the braves are blocked by dish network.

now we have to go to a bar to see any braves game.

beer and food cost a lot and we have to drive home. It seems to be blocked mostly on weakends, the only time I can watch.

this cost me more than if dish would just pony up and pay so we can all see Americas team. I would cancel but they have us by the short hairs, over $500.00

Reason of review: tricked by dish ad. fraud.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: quit blocking braves, or cancel my contract you lied and are still lieing.

I didn't like: Super slow internet.

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Mesa, Arizona, United States #1016751

They advertise having the channels. They do have the channels.

It is Fox denying to allow the specific games, which dish actually has a contract with Fox over... This complaint should be made to them.

to SatelliteFan Alpharetta, Georgia, United States #1016909

I have contacted fox and they claim that dish is not paying for the week day games, I was also told by dish they will not pay to provide the weekday games. If dish would pay fox we would not miss those 50 games.

to dsty #1018327

Fox was not lying, but naturally leaving out facts. When dish and Fox made a deal, fix did not have the rights to those games.

Peach tree TV did. After the contract was signed, Fox got the rights to the channel, turned around and said "we know we already made a deal with you, but now we want more money to pay for these games we just bought". Dish's response was a natural one. "No, we will adhere to the contract we agreed upon".

Now we are at the impasse we are at.

Fox has done this multiple times. Not just with Dish, but with almost any of the media outlets.

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