After 6 years of service I decided to switch providers. The Dish phone rep's speech was quite difficult to understand.

After complimenting me on being a good dish customer she tried to upsell me on the Hopper, movie channels, etc. I replied I just wanted to discontinue service. She wanted to know why I was stopping the service and who I was going to use. I told her this was not her concern and that I just wanted to discontinue Dish.

She kept asking why so I finally said I've had to replace 3 receivers and 4 remotes in 6 years, 300 channels of absolute nonsense wasn't a service I wanted to pay for anymore, when I called in financial distress a year ago I was told there was nothing to be done about my bill other than going to basic service or canceling. In fact, that sales rep a year ago was snarky as *** as she said maybe I shouldn't have pay TV service. I also asked for a refund on the unused month of my service but was told no, they would not refund any money. But here is the really good part.

This nutcase told me I was responsible for returning the receivers, the remotes AND the satellite dish! She said I would be charged $10 to return each piece of equipment as well as penalized $299/month for every month the equipment wasn't sent back. She suggested I just ask a friend to go on the roof and remove the face of the satellite, I could keep the part that's bolted to the roof. She told me to send everything back FedEx within10 days.

I got stuck on the satellite removal issue and kept asking, you really want me to go on the roof and remove the dish? She kept saying yes, just ask a friend to do it. Then she hung up on me!!

I called back and got another difficult to understand rep.

She laughed when I told her about the satellite retrieval. I wonderhow funny it would be when a wrongful death lawsuit is filed. She said we never ask customers to return the satellite dish, we don't want the responsibility. I said, well, I was just told to do just that thing, how do you explain that?

She thought it was hilarious and kept laughing. After she tried half heartedly to get me to re-up on the service she asked for info to send return boxes to me. She said there are no charges as I was told by the first rep. She told me to mail a letter of waiver saying I cannot retrieve the dish.

I said to who? She said there would be a form in the box. Ok, a form will be sent to me. No, she said, you have to mail a letter.

Ok, I have to mail a letter to whom? No letter, she said, a form will come with the box. It was like a Who's On First conversation. She also informed me I would not be getting any refund from the bill I just paid.

If I had known my SO was ordering new service I never would have paid the last bill for this shoddy, conniving, ill trained reps company offering crappy reception ( watch out for rain, clouds, a little snow or a whisper of wind).

Oh, and as an aside, I had a repairman here 2 years ago who informed me the satellite was installed upside up which is why the receivers kept blowing out. He said it wouldn't happen again since he had the brains God gave him to re-install the *** thing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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