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Have had service since dish started. Was the one of the first customers and own all of our equipment.

We used to get distant locals and were grandfathered in until they were sued by the networks and we then lost the networks. We were told the grandfathering could not be transferred to any other service.

Now they have locals her so we called to get service we were told our dish would have to be upgraded to a dish 1000. And that one of our receivers would have to be replaced. We said ok but also asked about our DVR would it work and were promised several times it would that was not the receiver that would have to be replaced. We were worried about this because its one of the first DVRS and does not require a subscription. We received it from Dish when they had to replace our original receiver that they said would no longer work with the new scrambling system.

They refused to send a new dish said the installer would have to come our and install it. Well I used to be a dealer so I did not want these new installers anywhere near my house but said ok since I would just watch him and take the dish and do it my self if he did not do what I wanted. So we gave them a card # as security And waited all day on the set day and by the end of the day got a call that they could not do the upgrade and it would have to be reset.

So I got a dish installed it myself and called for them to send the replacement receiver. they again used a card# as security. When I get the new receiver I call in have the #s swapped in the system and she says locals will be on in 20 mins. So we wait until all our channels go off on our DVR locals never came on on the new receiver. Called back in and were told our card was declined? And that the DVR had been turned off at our request. What? So we gave them another card# and the service was restored and the DVR added back to our account but now were told the locals can not be added to the DVR because it will not work with locals.

The manual online says it will but I suspect these new locals are in a higher compression that the old receivers can not do.

They can change this receiver but we would have to start paying the DVR monthly fee. Or they can add a dual room DVR but what good is that the second TV is a monitor and will not work on UHF.

So we have been lied to several times on several calls and been promised that our DVR would not have to be replaced.

So we told them just to forget the locals if we could not get them on the DVR they got confused and thought we wanted to cancel and told us we would have to return all equipment. No way we paid over $800 for equipment before they ever started giving it away for free. We own it its not the property of dish and we have no contracts.

We reexplained we just wanted to keep service but not add the locals since they would not work with our receiver as promised. And returned the old receiver as instructed.

My problem is that #1 a dual tunner receiver is not a replacement for 2 receivers both connected to stereo monitors. It would require you to downgrade from your svideo connection to using a UHF channel and the video and audio would not be as clear.

#2 You can not replace a fee free DVR with a DVR that requires a fee.

#3 We were duped into ordering locals into what I think was a plan to send out a installer to replace our equipment with a dual tunner and we would not know until after he left what they had done. It would not have worked anyway because the second TV is a monitor and does not work on UHF.

So now we can not get locals on DISH unless we want to downgrade our system.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Receiver.

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I have had Dish for several years and I have't had any major problems with them. I don't always understand some things, but it is always worked out.

Have gotton some free movies and other things.

I really like it compared to the cable co. I had.


>The old DVR you had purchased have very little recording time availablepace in mine...



I apologize about the confusion. When you upgrade your equipment through us and the dish has to be replaced we do require one of our installers to install the equipment for several reasons. I know this can be frustrating when you are capable yourself. The reason for the DVR charge on the new receiver is due to the amount of hours you are able to record. The old DVR you had purchased have very little recording time available so there was not a fee. When you upgrade your equipment you are able to get HD which would provide you the best picture quality. If you cancel the only equipment that would need to be returned would be the leased (new) equipment. Because you had both on the account when you called we had to give you that disclosure. If you have any other questions please let us know.

Alicia Brink

DISH Network


the dish network is very disturbing .dish is very important for any T.V. so it is very essential .

so you can add restaurant .. thanks.........


Never , NEVER, Trust, Dish network

They over bill you and they flat out Lie to you .

No matter what the dish network supervisors tell you over the phone, they will just keep jamming it to you on their billing , time after time .

Also they will never send to you a mailed copy of any phone conversations and agreements or promises made to you over the phone.

They are crooks !


We just cancled Dish Network , we were promised to have a payment of $49.99 after the 6 month perks, Dish says our bill is $77.99 a month ! .

Even though we have a contract . They will not honor it !!!

Every month the bill has been wrong( even duering the 6 month special pricing of $39.99 ) Also Dish changed our programing on us for now reason . We had to jump through hoops with several billing and programing supervisors on over 10 different occiasions and then they still ( after long phone conversations , promises of corrections, refunds , etc .etc (( read BS )) still send us bills of over $30 dollars too much over the original agreed monthly price .

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