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30 views and one facebook share. Day by day it's growing and your department is responsible for controlling social media issues.

Day by day the word is spreading that Dish broadband SUCKS!!! It's a lie and people are being ripped off.

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What a joke. Here is the response from Michael Lemar at dish:

"Mr. Bowen,

Thank you for contacting DISH Answers! After reviewing your account, it looks like you have service through dishNET Wireline. Please contact them toll-free at (855) 347-3474 for some assistance with your internet.

Thank you,

Mike LeMar

Social Media Representative


Office Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 6:00am-2:00pm

I called the number and I don't have service through them. they had to transfer me to another division...after waiting for 22 minutes on hold I disconnected. I called back and was once again transferred. The lady started out by saying, "Do you have a router in line?" Of course I have a *** router; it's your company's router! "Well that's going to slow you down because the more devices you have hooked up the slower it's going to be." "Sir just to remind you, you signed up for UP TO 10 mbps" "We don't guarantee that speed"...same BS. I hung up.'re a buck passer my friend and a terrible one at that!

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I have been a Dish customer for well over a decade (probably 18 years) and have gone through the ups and downs of a normal business relationship. It wasn't until this last Friday that I found the ugliest side of Dish.

I switched my internet to Dish. It was more expensive to go with Dish but three times the speed! Not so fast! When you sign up they say up to 10MBPS so I assume realistically 7-9 MBPS on average...3-4 on average!!

So I saw how slow it was when the technician was here...before I signed a thing. So he called Dish and had me on speaker phone. The Dish Network rep didn't know I was listening on speaker and began to belittle me to the technician! I quickly jumped in and he backtracked real fast and changed his tune.

He did the whole explanation that it was because it was peak time that it was going so slow...well let me tell you it hasn't improved AT ALL!! So he started getting real smart with me by saying in a rude tone "We aren't obligated to provide any speed sir!!" and I replied, "listen I don't have to sign up for your crappy service...I haven't signed anything yet!" He once again started talking real sweet and said, "listen there is a 72 hour grace period so just keep monitoring it and I'm sure you'll be satisfied once you realize it's just the peak time causing the slowness." I called today knowing I was still in the 72 hour grace period and Troy Agent SQX notifies me that there is no grace period and instead of offering ANY helpful advice or ANY hint of a resolution to help ease my mind, knowing that I switched companies and am now paying more for slower speeds. He just kept parroting his training manual by reminding me of exactly how much the cancellation fee was and that my service will typically run around 4 MBPS download and around .08 MBPS upload. PLEASE Dish Network, make that your new TV Slogan "With speeds of up to 4 MBPS download and .08 Upload you'll be saying YES to Dish!!" Let's see how well that goes over!

What a ripoff!!!!!

Why the *** even say 10 MBPS if you know it's a lie? Tomorrow I'm calling back to cancel both my TV and internet and I will battle it out with a collection agency...this is an outrage!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Can't stand their internet!! My speeds are NEVER anywhere near 10. I would love it if you shared your experience on my FB group ( )

I also have dishNET experiences page you can like and share:

Boise, Idaho, United States #661607

Sue them. Call your attorney general's office and start and or start a class action suit. Just google search class action attorneys and give them a call.


2.18 mbps download speed .02 upload speed at last test. Only getting slower. Getting same level of terrible customer service.

Aurora, Colorado, United States #660463


That's unfortunate that you're dissatisfied with the speed and I would be happy to help you, as well! Your efforts would be greatly appreciated if you could please email me your account number so I can review some options. My email address is and I'll await your response!

to MikeLDISH123 #661180

Don't come on here and lie. "It would be my pleasure to assist you." Do you believe the BS you type?

You didn't assist me, you tried to pass the buck and failed at that. I asked you in my email to call me instead you email me back and ask me to call a company I don't even have a relationship with!

Aurora, Colorado, United States #660462

It would be my pleasure to assist you with your situation as I can understand how that's frustrating! Can you please email me your account number at so I can look over it and see what I can do? I'll be able to look into some options and I hope to hear from you!

to MikeLDISH123 #661451


I've tested my speed at hourly intervals and it's just as the installation technician said, "I've never seen speeds above 4mbps" sure enough neither have I. 2.93 on my last test at midnight...peak hour my AS@


Deceptive advertising also called “misrepresentations and material omissions in connection with their marketing”, perhaps deserves a complaint sent to your state Attorney General’s office. The AGs can monitor this company for noncompliance with a consumer complaint driven settlement with this company from 2009 called the “Assurance of Voluntary Compliance” which was signed on to by 46 state AGs. This "misrepresentation" was one of the multiple types of complaints leading to the AVC.

Germantown, Maryland, United States #660019

Similar situation happened to me. Their speed is not even close to what they claim. Should be illegal imho.

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