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Upgraded several of my TVs to HD so I wanted to trade in some older Receivers to get a Hopper and Joeys. I was OK with the one time $100 fee. I was OK with the extra $11 a month and even the direct billing to a credit/debit card, However since I have been paying month to month with them for over 5 years I wanted them to waive the 2 yr agreement. They would not waive it. They offered me a 6 month $10 off. A $100 off if I purchased the Hopper. They offered me the kitchen sink but would not drop the 2 yr agreement. So basically I'm now shopping for a new provider. I'd rather pay $50 more a month with another company than do the two year agreement.

Very unhappy (soon to be former) customer,

Richard Bolin

Wilmington NC

Monetary Loss: $2600.

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So you expect them to give you more than $800 dollars of equipment and have no way to recoup any losses should you decide to cancel and not return the equipment? You can get it without the equipment with no contract by purchasing it...

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