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We just moved to a new state, and was looking around for the cheapest solution for Internet and tv. The cheapest we found that we could afford was dish network, so we called and the man we talked to told us about a offer they had, which would bring us to $70 a month for everything.

Since we were not sure about it, we told him we would call back and let him know, he told us he could set up everything and if we are not satisfied we could cancel within 4 weeks. That sounded good ! So we took it. We now have been with them for 3 weeks, and are not satisfied so as the bill came which by the way was over $200 we decided to cancel.

We called them up asking to cancel and telling them that we are not satisfied and the bill is double the amount of which we was told we have to pay. And he straight up says ok then pay $420 and we will cancel it !! As if we have $400 on the side for stuff like that ! So anyways, we had them lower it to basic and take everything off, now we have to pay $20 a month just so we can get rid of it !

If anybody knows how we can cancel it now, without paying that amount of money, please please please let me know ! I tried talking to them and they really don't care

Monetary Loss: $420.

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are you serious,

I saw your post and just wanted to provide some clarification if I may. Unfortunately, we don't have a free trial period for our term commitments.

However, we are always more than happy to help each customer with any questions or concerns they have about their service so we can get it corrected as soon as possible. I hope that helps and please let me know if you have any questions!



It's unfortunate that it had to come to that. I would appreciate it if you could please follow up with me by email so I can at least have a look and make sure the appropriate resolution has been determined. Thank you for your time and efforts.

Mount Laurel, New Jersey, United States #578863

My word, I've never seen so many sheep worried about cancellation threats.

If they offer a 1 month no-cancellation-fee trial, then you call them and cancel. If they tell you that you have to pay, you chuckle and tell them to come and take back the box and the dish or get the address to ship it back. Send it delivery signature required.

You must certainly have something in writing or the advertisement / flyer that you used. It's a done deal. They can threaten you all they want. If you ever get a call from a collection agency you ask for it in writing and then you contact the Attorney General's office in your state because it's fraud if they don't honor what's in writing. If it's not in writing then they can't hold you to anything contractual.


Thanks for trying to help, the guy you set me up with only did a $30 discount on the $420 that dish wants from us. My husband wasn't at all satisfied about it and is getting with his lawyer but thanks anyways



I came across your post and would like to provide you with some assistance to that! We hate to see you go and I highly encourage you to email me your account number so I can take a look. My email address is and I'll look forward to speaking with you further!

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