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We got an email saying we could add all the movie packs for $20.00 for 6 months. Ok so Last week 3-20-18 we added them, well our new bill comes out an my husband says, why is the new bill so high?

I go take a look at it an seems that we are being charge 2x

Now today marks only a week that since we added the packs. They charged us the $20 for the packs an what threw me was they added $12.24 Prorated Charges for the days of 3/20 - 4/7. So like always you get these people who you can't speak well trying to explain to you whats, what. She don't get what i'm saying an I don't know what she trying to tell me..

I ask to speak with a mang, that can help me to understand. Well long story short we was gonna have to pay for the prorated fees an the $20 because we'd already paid out last bill an the new bill had just came out. An he tells me that I'm not paying 2xs for it... BS yes I am.

I told him just take it off then, fast as you added take it off. So we still got charged $5 from removing the packs. TF!!!! Very unhappy with dish.

Going on 4 year we've been with them not being late on a bill not one time. So next time we get a email for whatever promo We Want Be Even Pay It No Mind!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Tv Package.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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This is completely normal. Since you pay for service in advance you'd already paid for the period in which you added the additional services.

They had two choices, they could have either waited until the new bill started to activate the new channels or charge you the prorated amount for the period between the add date and your new billing cycle.

Normally I'm all for these bashing posts, but honestly you got pissed off for no reason here. You'd have been just as mad if they'd waited another 10 days to let you have those new channels.

to SamZzz #1624759

They should be injected with monkey serum so that we can watch them jump around like a bunch of baboons.


If it's prorated that means you added on the premiums part way through your billing cycle so as it says on your bill it charged you for the 19 days you had it on, before your next bill was created

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