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I signed up with Dish in September, 2014.I was checking prices and deals and DISH offered a $200 gift card as an incentive.

As of January 26, 2015 I have not received the Mastercard. I called Dish back in December and they said my card had been sent October 16th. They gave me a number to call Dish Rewards so I called them. Dish Rewards told also told me the card was sent out on 10/16 and gave me a number to contact Mastercard.

Mastercard has no record of my name or address. They asked for a PID number which I couldn't provide. I called DishRewards back and they didn't have a PID number (or any other number associated with this offer). I have gone back and forth between DISH, DishRewards and Mastercard.

My issue has been sent to the Dish "Back Office" but they don't call me back. Mastercard still has no record of me and explained that the PID number would be the proof that a card was ordered for me. I called Dish after months of aggravation. They offered to give me $20 off my bill for the next 10 months when I told them I wanted to close my account.

Because I signed a 24 month contract, they now want to charge me $400 to void my contract. While they haven't lived up to their end of the contract, I am expected to live up to mine. I had them turn my service off and now I face collections if I don't pay the termination fee. Beware of these scams.

I don't believe I was ever sent a card and no intention of sending me one.Wish I knew what could be done from a legal standpoint.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. mallettero is quite happy with ease of use and fox programming and stated that there is a room for improvement of breech of contract and customer service. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "offer not as promised" of rewards card and associated monetary loss in the amount of $600. Dish Network needs to "credit my account $200 (immediately, not over 10 installments) and restore service" according to poster's claims.

Other people also mentioned rewards card in their reviews. You may find this information helpful for further shopping at Dish Network.


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I never received my Dish Visa Gift Card, either.I spoke with several folks today, but they all declined to help me.

It is disgusting that Dish and its partners entice people to Dish Network by promising visa gift cards and deny them.

One of the people actually told me I talked to a person not employed by them, but it was their company number I called.It is deception at its best.

Orland Park, Illinois, United States #1318614

That is ***. I have been arguing with them for two weeks about my 100 gift card. It says shipped but we will see.

Arizona, United States #1316171

We only got cheated out of a $100 gift card.When I inquired they asked if I had a code.

During the sales pitch no one mentioned a code.

So anyway-there was no gift card.Anytime you talk to these kinds of corrupt corporations you need to record them always-then turn them into all available agencies.

Hanover, Indiana, United States #1186234

i too was the victim of the dish giftcard scam only i'm filing a small claim suit against dish. everybody out there that has been a victim contact me @ bfockler@outlook.com, maybe we can start a class action suit

to Anonymous #1241611

Are you still filling a claim? I never recieve my gift neither. It has been 7 months now and still nothing.

to Anonymous Springfield, Kentucky, United States #1304927

i too was promised a $200 card and i get their run around.


I never received a gift card as promised as well Since signing up in January.Plus the guy that installed it stole my fitbit off my bathroom sink.

Now when I call, I am told I need a special code for 200 dollar gift card.What a fip off.


This same thing happened to me the first time we signed up with DISH....Now, we just came back to DISH with the promise of a $50 Visa gift card.

I'm finding out this is knowingly fraud and I would like to ask any of you to join me in taking this public. We should not have to cancel our service, suffer collections issues and allow any of these cable companies to get away with this FRAUD!! The first time I didn't get my $200. gift card they just offered to reduce the amount of our bill.

REALLY?? Did I just fall off the turnip truck??

I propose we take this public and expose them!!

to Anonymous #1192311

Is thos recent?Im am intrested in opening a lawsuiy against them to.

They keep telling me I have to wait.

Having me call random numbers.And now that I want outbof the contract they want $500.

to Anonymous #1241613

Was this recent? If so I want to sue as well. They have not only raised my bill, but never sent me the $200 gift card they promised.

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