I signed up for DISH last month. I explicitly told the three different agents I spoke with that I demand all F1 races, all Packers ball games and Fox News.

All agreed I would have that if I went with a high end package. They did NOT air the Packers/Bills game - I called to complain. Now they have dropped Fox. If this isn't resolved by the end of next week - I will stop payment and they will need an attorney for the collection agency to be successful.

DISH records all calls. It will be pretty easy for them to verify what I told them I was buying dish for.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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Also you should reconsider letting your account go into collections. That will prove to be a nightmare for you and it won't harm dish at all.

Mesa, Arizona, United States #923528

I would recommend you review your signed contract and residential service agreement. Especially the portion about how Dish reserves the right to remove any channels, including during a term commitment, with no expectation of compensation

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