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I have been a Dish Network customer for over 8 years and these last 4 weeks have made me decide to cancel my services thru them.

All of my local channels are unavailable, and it is not on my end.

My signal for the satellite is strong and the transponder is recognizing the satellite. I called three weeks ago to complain and theysaid we know there is an issue in your region ( Indiana ) and we are working on it. Still three weeks later no local channels. I have missed the playoffs for Football and my favorite show for 3 weeks now and my wife is upset that we don't get the local channels for the morning news so she can see if the school is delayed or closed for making arrangements.

I called again this week and they can't answer how long or what the issue is. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. I don't know if its another $$$$$ dispute with the provider like they have with other providers or if the satellite itself is damaged and they need to send a man to space to fix it.

I know they have to know the problem but are pathetic liars who won't let me know.If they don't know the issue then they are sucking in the technical department either way I am over their ***!!!

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Yes i been with dish for over eight years and one time they stop channel 40 fox for over a mo. Now it all local channel what going to be next ?So what do we h?ave to do going with another company I am getting sick in tired of all this to bad they dont have other whay to watch tv.


Had local channels for 3 years at my address, tech came out today to install a box/receiver in our camper on our property.Now I cannot get any local channels on any TV.

Called dish and they said they aren't available at our address. I was just watching them this morning before work! Went around and around with customer service and they won't budge and keep saying they can't help. I asked if my taped dvr shows that were taped from local channels were just a work of magic or what.

I insisted that tech come out tomorrow and get them back... So we will see. If this doesn't get resolved I will cancel my service and check out direct TV.

This is crazy.

Westlake, Louisiana, United States #693330

Look if Dish took off your local channels like they just did here in Louisiana they are in breach of their contractyou can drop him and you won't be in breach and they can't hold you to it because they didn't hold up their end of the contractI kept telling us they don't know what the problem was I didn't know what the problem was and then they came on the news dad they will not negotiate with the company that's provide our local channel they just took it off the air so come tomorrow my local cable company will be supplying my cable now and dish is the post come pick up there equipment

Glendale, Arizona, United States #689365

Dishnetwork suck! I have the same problem and moved to another city. N when my contract is up am going back to my old cable company which is cox.


I'm having the same issues in Minneapolis. Sure, they'd love to send a tech out to fix problems with THEIR equipment. I was told it would cost me $86 for a service call!


You HAD to drive to town, forced to eat and drink at a restaurant, and spent you money to watch a game. First world problems.

to Alex Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #821286

First world problems?You bet they are.

Because we made our country that way.What's your excuse?


:( I too am missing my locals.I have had a technician come out 3 or 4 times to "fix" the problem....not once have they actually fixed the problem.

They just connected me to the neighbors and there we were just flipping each others channels. The cust reps and the techs dont know why I dont get my locals...something about negotiations. Then why do my neighbors get it who live directly below me??? I have had to go 15 miles away to town to go and watch games because there arent any restaurants in my town.

Not only that I have paid for the techs to come to my house. So, not only have I lost gas money, money for my locals, restaurant money, because you cant just watch tv and not pay them to eat or drink, but I have lost my patience. I do beleive that I have a lawsuit against dish here because of the amount of money I have spent to watch my games that I should have had. I just moved to where I live so I dont have friends to watch the game at.

email me at katcat1024@yahoo.com if you can help because as of Mar 1st.Im getting a lawyer.


I haven't had the locals in a couple years.No Superbowls, no Letterman.I had a tech to my house once...can't fix it.

I gave up, they can't fix it.I talked with DISH today....again.....waste of time.


This happened to me in 2010. Never fixed. I now can't watch the super bowl tonight.

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