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I called Dish Network for a quote. All I wanted was a bottom dollar monthly cost so that I could compare to other services available.

First of all the operator asked a lot of canned questions concerning my viewing preferences. I told him that I had read their packages and was aware of what package suited me. He insisted on going through the company rigmarole. Next he asked for an email address, I told him I preferred not to give my email address to them at this point.

Next he wanted a date of birth and my social security number! the social security number was needed so that they could run a credit check! I reluctantly agreed but then they ask for a credit card number!! I said wait just a minute here, all I am asking for is a quote.

I am not signing up right now for Dish Network. he explained that the credit card number was necessary so that they could have some collateral for their equipment.

I thanked him for helping me make up my mind, I chose to go with cable!

I had used Dish Network years ago and the home I'm moving from has DirecTV. I was willing to give Dish Network a chance but if this is their standard company practice I would be surprised if they are still in business in five years.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Tv Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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