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Filed on : February 14 2011

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DISH Network, LLC

9601 S Meridian Blvd

Englewood CO 80112-5905

Complaint Description:

Terminated service with Dish. Dish required equipment returned UPS at my expense. I paid the bill to a 2008 account. They sent to a collection agency. I called Dish in September to negotiate a better service for a new 1 or 2 year term. The representative stated they had nothing available. i called Direct TV they provided a great offer that is 1/2 of the cost of Dish. I called Dish 2 weeks later to terminate the service. Dish wanted to negotiate a better deal with me and I explained it was too late I had signed with Direct TV. Dish then tells me I have to send the equipment back to them at my expense within 30 days or I would be billed for the cost of the equipment. The Dish rep stated they would send the boxes with 2 labels. After 2 weeks I called Dish to tell them I did not want to pay for the equipment to send me the box to ship the equipment to them. I explained it is shady to bill the customer to ship the equipment that Dish owns. They stated it is in the contract the customer has to return the equipment, I stated it does not say the customer has to return the equipment at their expense when they have made their money on the equipment. I was a customer of DISH for several years and had no bad debt with them. I paid the bill electronically to an account I have with DISH on 12-20-2010 for $31.80 apparently to an old account. I received a notice dated January 1 then started receiving calls from CBE group a collection agency. I spoke to the lady she tells me I have a past due account of 31.80 with DISH and they have taken over the debt. I explained it was paid in full by wire on December 20,2010 to DISH. She hung up and had a very broken accent that I could not understand. Living in a very diverse area like Washington DC if I cannot understand an accent it is drastic. When the lady hung up I called DISH and explained to 3 levels of people the same thing. i eventually ended up at car salesman #3 Santiago Guerrero who is the executive collector representative. I explained the wire cleared my bank on 12-20-2010 and read off the account number and he said it was the wrong account number. I said DISH received payment on December 20, 2010 correct? He agreed DISH did receive the payment but to an old account. I stated ok can you transfer the money to the correct account? He apparently was in the process of doing so. i stated so DISH sends this to a collection agency for $60.00 for a $31.80 that DISH already received. He said it is not the fault of DISH that it was sent to the wrong account. I stated is the address on the old account the same as the new account? He said yes. So you're going to transfer the amount from the old account to the new account he said yes. i said does this effect my credit he said yes. I asked will DISH call and restore my credit? He said after we send this to collection we cannot restore the credit issue unless it is our fault. i said DISH received the payment 12-20-2010 as revenue so it was not late. He said it was not the fault of DISH that it was posted to the wrong account. I stated if a company receives revenue ie $31.80 then the account is not in default. He said it was posted to the wrong account and sorry DISH cannot do anything to help your credit. I said your customer service *** and I will notify as many business relation people to notify them of your poor service. I work for a major corporation that will check their database before sending something to collection. We call the customer to attempt to make at least a final contact if they are in default. Check my credit history, i have never had a collection agency after me, i have never filled bankruptcy, have always paid my bills in full. I had excellent payment history with DISH and because I left for a better deal they are treating me like ***. DISH lost the customer when they did not reach out to me when I was willing to signup in September. DISH is tarnishing my credit because they do not update their inferior customer database that receives payment and their laziness of not checking other accounts with the same name and address before sending things to collection agencies.

Your Desired Resolution:

I want DISH to restore my good credit that they screwed up. I want DISH to send a letter to me stating they fixed the credit problem. I want DISH to refund the $31.80 to me that was unjustly extorted from me. My account balance was paid in full. This amount was for DISH extorting a past customer into offsetting their cost to receive outdated equipment.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $31.

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Mountain View, California, United States #1208680

Dish has a bad habbit of ruining credit if a customer leaves. It doesn't matter how long the custome has been with dish, after the contract epires, they still send people to collection. Im actually filing a class action law suit agaonst dishnetwork.

to Anonymous #1267879

Good luck with your suit. I was turned over to a collection agency by Dish for $260 a few years ago.

I have NEVER been a customer of Dish. After contacting Dish and the collection agency, they refused to tell me why they were trying to collect from me. This collection is still on my credit report at all three credit agencies. I disputed the charge with Experian credit but all they did was call the collection agency and verify that they were trying to collect from me.

Fortunately, I have excellent credit over the last forty years and can handle the drop in my credit score.

Again, I have never been a customer of Dish.

This just looks like an extortion attempt to ruin people's credit if they don't pay.

Dish Network is one of the sleaziest organizations I have run across in my life. Probably make more money off bogus billing than they make selling TV services.

to Anonymous #1369603

Id like to be in on that lawsuit


My issue was resolved by dish and I paid the $30 to return the equipment. The realization is most of these type companies are rapidly becoming obsolete with Hulu, Netflix and general use of the Internet. With policies like these they are only going to hasten their demise.


This seems to be an ongoing deal with Dish. I cancelled my services with Dish.

I was told I have 30 days to return the equipment. I returned the equipment much earlier than 30 days... Dish sends my account to a collect much sooner than the 30 days. I call Dish and I am told that I have no obligation towards them.

However, this collector continues to call me trying to collect money for the returned items. I'm not surprised about this unprofessional behavior for a collection agency, however I am very disappointed in Dish as this never should have went to collections in the first place.

I'm now going through the painful process of removing this WRONG debt from my credit report. I would not recommend Dish to anyone.



I apologize you were not presented with an offer to keep you as a valued customer until after you had already canceled. We do value our customers and have promotions from time time time. We continue to offer the lowest everyday price in the pay-TV industry, saving our customers money every month as compared to our competitors!

What sets us apart is that we are also taking two unprecedented actions by giving customers 1) a price freeze on all DISH America and America's Top packages (excluding AEP) until 2013 and 2) 12 months of free premium programming! None of our competitors can say anything like that!

When you cancel services the equipment has to be sent back within 30 days to avoid additional charges. We do not have the capacity to store returned equipment in our local offices due to the amount of new equipment needed for customers in your area. If you receive a charge for non returned equipment the charges would be reversed once it has been returned. If you are in a contract and choose to cancel services early the cancel fee would be enforced. The return shipping cost would be your responsibility however we do provide pre addressed labels from UPS at a discounted rate of $15.00 that you can elect to use, but are not required to.

I apologize that there was confusing when trying to pay your bill. If you had an old account with us it is possible for you to have accidently paid the wrong account. There is not really anyway we can look through all our account old and current to try and match which account needs to be paid and which account does not, this would be extremely time consuming and difficult. I do apologize you did not receive any of our attempts to contact you regarding payment before it was submitted to a collection agency. If you still have questions regarding this feel free to email me directly.


I apologize about the confusion. I am glad that this was resolved for you and apologize about the experience you had in trying to get it taken care of. I can assure you it is never our intent to keep any customer from making their payments with us. We have measures in place to provide customers with information when their account is needing a payment. I understand it can be frustrating to learn you were sent to a collection agency. I did want to let you know that when we submit something to a collection agency, it is not due to the dollar amount owed,it is the amount of days past due. If you have any other questions feel free to email me.



Got the same thing from CBE yesterday. They sent me to collection for $16 that I was completely unaware I had to pay.

Poor business Ethics. They told me I had to pay the collection agency, I so no that would only pay DISH. They quicky changed tune and let me pay.

This company is S h it and they know it. That is why they bleed as much money out of you as they can when you leave.

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