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On the 4 of may I had dish tv installed The installation and explanation was good. I was given phone number to call to apply for 100$ gift card which was part of a the promotion also to tell whomever answered that I was a new customer.

I followed the instructions at the completion of the application I was informed that my card would arrive in 4to six weeks after6 weeks . tno and no card I called To my surprise There was no record, of my having dish network.No account my security nor my name was on file.

Yet I had made 2 payments On an account that had only my last 4 digits. After more than 2 hrs and talking to various people and phone numbers and supplying my remote sn an account was established but no credit card gift I was told I couldn,t get one that I should have applied for it on the day of installation it was implied that it was my fault That is wa too late to apply for the card.Bullshit

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It's fraud


I too am new customer. The free gift card was part of the offer when I signed up.

I have had no luck when trying to get the card, so have given up. I think the offer was just a "come on" and never was a legit offer.

I am disappointed in Dish in several areas. Wish I would have kept Direct even though they were far from perfect.

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