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I am getting partial or complete signal loss errors on my DISH TV service even when there is no storms in the area. The frustrating thing is when the error message appears after selecting a channel I can go to another room and tune the TV to the same channel and it works fine.

it started a couple of month ago and has gotten to the point of now occurring more than a couple of times a day. If I do a hard reset it usually resolves the issue but it occurs on both the hopper and a Joey. Today I happened to have a chance to call tech support who go through the usual routine of having you read the error messages to them. I was then told that they needed to send someone out to evaluate the issue but there would be a $95 charge or they could change my subscription and add a fee to cover service calls.

When I ask why I should pay them to repair their equipment I got no answer. This is like you renting a car and having it breakdown leaving you stranded on the side of the road and being told you need to pay extra for a car that runs or pay to fix it yourself.

Now I need to take a day and do some research and compair my options of switching to a cable company or DirecTV or AT&T Uverse. I am also thinking about just a digital TV antenna and a subscription to Netflix which would really cut cost.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Paying to fix their equipment.

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Same thing happened to me today, and coincidently its a channel that I watch the most. They told me a technician would have to come and then tried to sell me some kind of insurance so next time i needed a tech i wouldnt have to pay $95.

i said why would i pay $95 for a problem with the dish, nothing has changed or happened on my end. he said it cost them about $150 for a tech to come out so it helps them with the cost. i said im not going to pay for you to maintain your own equipment. i said ill find another cable company.

he then offered it at $47.50! i said forget it, not going to happen.

ill be switching companys tomorrow. unbelievable.


My TV started "acting up" with the "partial signal loss" and then, "complete signal loss" about 2 months ago. It steadily got worse in time.

The picture would be all scraggly and I'd get really frustrated with recorded programs that were impossible to see. I finally called DISH who sent a technician out. He checked everything, replaced a few old components, but the problem continued. He said he could find nothing wrong and said the problem "might" be caused by a faulty power surge or the computer (which is in a separate room).

I have not moved or changed anything electrical for years, so why would this start up all of a sudden?

Now, my 2nd TV is doing the same thing. I have no idea what the problem could be, but I'm ready to find a different service.

Fort Walton Beach, Florida, United States #1183540

This has been happening to me for a month. I called and they had me check cable connection to back on dish receiver.

Why would cables be loose on two different receivers suddenly? I was told by a friend that the dish satellite needs to be upgraded. I don't want to continue w cable network that goes out bad weather - that's when you need tv the most. ....

any suggestions?


Well Mr. DISH123, I think hthe analogy of a rental car was SPOT on.

The driver actually is not responsible in this case, the rental company is. A defective DISH that sits on an adjacenet house or building, installed by DISH Network, is not the consumers responsibility. The consumer pays monthly for the equipment in the tune of 75 per month. The equipment should be replaced or repaired at NO cost.

This is a no brainer. :)


This has happened to me 3 times with complete signal loss.

Had them change dish outside, dvr inside, cable connections and remote control.

They have no clue what the problem is! I'm done with dish and lack of knowledge of the system



I appreciate the response given and regarding your mentioned analogy of a rental car, you're on the right track as leasing our equipment is like actually leasing a vehicle from a dealership in that the dealership will not cover the cost of any maintenance the driver has done to it, like gas refills and oil changes, away from the lot. Please email me your account number and four-digit PIN at michael.lemar@dish.com so I can review some options with you.

Arizona, United States #887402

You have a bad node. Need a tech to replace it. Also want to verify that you have all rg6 cable

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