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I have the 120+ package and was seeing about upgrading. The channel PIXL is only available in the Heartland package so if I want that channel I have to pay extra - but the other channels are in the upgrade I wanted.

Dish's response - it's only $5.00 what the problem? I mean like really????? We live on a limited income and this just isn't right even if we didn't.

I mean it's illegal to charge twice for anything else and services included why is it Dish can do it?? In a time of no jobs and all this borders on stupidity!

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As a network provider, we pay the networks to provide you with their programming--prices which we have only limited control over since we don't actually own the programming. We're paying for the right to retransmit the networks' programming signal to you to view.

Based on the contracts we set forth with each individual network, we structure our own packages based on them in terms of both the price that we're paying them as well as the genre to ensure variety in each package. That is correct that the networks have no say in how we structure our packages as that specific part is our own business decision, not theirs.

What we don't have much control over is the prices the networks want from us that we then build each of our packages based off of. I hope this helps.



I'd like to take a look at your account programming if you could please email me your account number at Thanks!

to MikeLDISH123 #732807

You know Mike we have been dealing with this and I have been lied to enough. I contacted PIXL and here is their response:

On Tuesday, October 22, 2013 5:16 PM, Matt Fitzsimons wrote:

Dear Ms. Miller,

I am sorry to hear that you were misinformed. PixL does not have a say in what package they go into for Dish, nor do we have a say in what other channels are included in any package.

May I ask where you received this inaccurate information?

TO which I replied:

To: Matt Fitzsimons

Subject: Re: Message sent from your PixL TV website

Yes sir, from a Dish Representative on the Chat online contact us page. I'm not the only one they told this too. We are told we have to pay extra for your channel because your company insisted it was part of their contract with you. They have no choice but to charge us twice if our packages include the other channels. I'm so glad this is untrue from your part. This world needs the shows you have on. I have filed a complaint against Dish at my Attorney General and the BBB. Your company was NOT part of the complaint.

Thank you,


And received to day:

On behalf of PixL, I apologize for your inconvenience and we have already let our Dish reps know about the situation. It appears they need some more training for their online reps, but to say something completely false like that is a bit disturbing to us so we will get to the bottom of this.

I have forwarded your responses as well as Brad's. This is so much garbage. You are just trying to wear me down but it won't work. The FTC, BBB< and the Pa. Attorney have my complaint. Now it's going to the Facebook TOO!

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