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Ok I was a loyal dish network customer. We moved and they could not find a line of sight for the satellite.

We were told that we would not be charged a cancellation fee. However, of course we were charged one. As we waited and disputed this account it ended up on my husbands credit report. I paid the bill a week ago with someone in the loyalty department and was told that they would contact the collection agency and have the account removed from his credit and send me a letter.

I called today because I never received the letter, I got some girl on the phone who kept making up stuff about why it wasn't sent and that they didn't know what credit agency I had been sent to. She also said that they would contact the agency and have it updated but not removed. I asked how they could contact the agency if they didn't know who I had been sent to. It was like she was just making up stuff to tell me.

I am so pissed off because first off I don't think we should've been charged a cancellation, then I just give up and pay it in good faith based on what the representative was telling me, then today I get a bunch of bull ***. I was thinking of reinstating my service but I will never EVER use this company again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Account.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Walnut Creek, California, United States #817522

We have been a customer of Dish for many years and we are highly upset when they raised their prices without letting us know. It's a pure shame what they are charging a month just to watch tv.

Half the channels are "no good" and they try to tell you how many channels you are getting to make it sound good.

I think they are ripping people off.

Reidsville, North Carolina, United States #817376

Dish Network is a JOKE....We were told during the initial setup that we had to pay upfront, which was not a problem. We gave our banking info and the agent told us because of the time of the month we setup, our next months bill would only be $.50 and asked if we wanted them to go ahead and bill the same account for the small charge.

We agreed thinking it was one time. Now, they are drafting out of our account stating we authorized it and refused to refund the unauthorized draft.

The supervisor I spoke with (Robert) was very arrogant after telling me if we wanted to cancel the service it would be another $400.00. This is the poorest example of customer service I have every experienced!!!

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