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I called dish and asked about an up grade, to the box that included recording two shows at a time.

I was assured that there was no upgrade cost and no monthly increase. I also has to deposit $100.00 and was told that this would come off my bill as payments over the next eight weeks.

I then go an outragous bill of $149.00 up grade.

and additional 11.96 for Service Fee. etc. etc. I

called and they would not help me. I asked for a supervisor and was told to hold. After an hour I finally had to hang up. We are senior citizen and can not afford this. Why do they lie to people.

Wanda and Roger Marshall

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Read your contract!!!

They lied repeatedly about the price. I ended up paying about double, and they are next to impossible to talk to.....


I've been a several year customer and never been a fan of Dish TV. Year ago I jumped on the HD TV craze, bought a new TV and upgraded to get HD TV.

After a year I still don't get the main local stations in HD. All of the stations say Dish is too cheap to pay for the transmission.


yup Dish Network lies and steals. After 4months of unbelievably shoddy service this past summer, they want shipping charges for sending stuff back because that's in their contract...hahahhaha they didn't honor their own service contract so phooey on them.

One month's service cost got me an antenna that gives me 23 free.


Unfortunately, Dish Network specifically targets elderly people as new customers. For example, they will offer service for $19.99 per month to hook them in without explaining that the price is just for a limited time, other cost like receiver lease fees, DVR service, and phone connection fees.

Seniors on a fixed income end up getting a bill for something like $86 instead of the $19.99 that they were told their bill would be.

Many times seniors simply cannot afford to pay their tv bill and end up cancelling service. Dish will send out a huge bill for cancellation fees that customers can't pay and they end up in collections and a bad credit rating.

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