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I live about 60 miles East of St. Louis, Mo. I started having pixeling issues last fall. This occurs on various stations and is not isolated to only certain stations. I've made numerous phones calls and like everyone else have yet to have the problem solved. I also had to pay $98 for a service tech to come out and still the problem is not corrected. I was told that the $98 would cover me for 6 weeks. Now since the six weeks is over I'm sure perhaps they will return my calls. Since they can now charge me another $98. I have made 6 phone calls. They offered to send another tech out but I explained that I wanted to know what the plan would be before I waste half a day waiting for them. They said they have no idea what the tech would do. I explained the first service tech told me he did everything he could. If he did infact do everything what is left? I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told that one would call me back. A week later and no one has called. I called again that Saturday and explained everything again and was told someone would call me back - guess what. No one called. This same scenario has occured for the last six weeks and as soon as I send this I will call them again.

After reading the other posts I have concluded that my problem will not be corrected and my only solution is to cancel at the end of my contract (Dec 9th 2011) and never recommend dish network to anyone.

I guess since dish network was fined by the government they now have free reign to disregard all compliants. Perhaps our government can reimburse us since dish network obviously is not going to satisfy any customer complaints.

Theresa of Centralia, IL

Helpful?yesno5/7/11My husband and I are ready to rip our hair out over our DishNetwork service. Our receiver and remote died on April 15th. I called them to get a new one and after 1/2 hour on the phone with a CSR, I got disconnected. I called back and one-half hour later, after going through the whole explanation again with a different CSR, I was told they would send me a new receiver and remote and before our call was completed, I got cut off again. Five days later the remote arrived, but no receiver. I waited a few more days and called back again. Before being connected with the CSR, I was asked if I would be willing to do a brief survey about their customer service after I was finished. They asked for my tel. # and said they would call me back. (I was anxious to give my input, but-DUH!-they NEVER called me back!)

The CSR made me go through the whole deal AGAIN and told me that the receiver was not sent. Then he told me it WAS sent. I asked to speak with his supervisor (Monica) who told me their records showed that it was sent with the remote and I MUST have received it. She made me feel as if I was lying. I assured her we did not receive it. After 46 minutes on the phone, she finally agreed they would send out a receiver. One week later, we still did not have the receiver, so I called again. Guess what? After speaking to another CSR and HIS supervisor (Lynn) for 58 minutes, I was told that no receiver was ever sent out and she didn't know why. She also did not know why every time we call there we get cut off.

I asked what they were going to do for my inconvenience of not having TV for 3 weeks and spending half my life on the telephone trying to get service and she said they would credit my account $50 and "overnight" a receiver which would normally cost me $25, so I would be receiving $75 worth of "credit" in all. I pointed out to her that if DN's CSR's would do their job correctly the FIRST time, it wouldn't cost them $25 to ship it, and since it was not MY error, I didn't consider that a credit on my behalf. She advised me to call them back when my receiver arrived, so they could program it for us. It arrived today and I let my husband take care of it, so I wouldn't have a nervous breakdown. You are not going to believe this. He was on the phone 3 hours and was cut off twice during that time. Finally a supervisor came on the phone to help him. She said that the first two CSR's gave him incorrect programming information. She said she would call him back in 20 minutes after downloading something. She did, it finally worked, and after a grand total of 6 hours on the phone and 3 weeks later, we finally have satellite again.

How can companies like this continue to operate? What choices do we have that provide better service when you live in a rural area?

Andrea of Kiel, WI

Helpful?yesno5/5/11Phone numbers that didn't work (i.e. busy all the time), voicemails to them that were not returned, faxes that were "not received", and I could NEVER get a manager on the phone...basically, they put up roadblocks at each step, no doubt in the hope that I'd just give in and continue paying for the service.

Trying to get accounting information and discontinuing service should not be so father, the account holder, died recently, and I was trying to help my mom notify all vendors/service providers to change the name on the account, and in some instances, discontinue service. Pretty much every other company was helpful and reactive, but not Dish. First, they required a death certificate before they would even talk to me about ANY details on the account...they wouldn't even tell me whether the account was under a fixed term contract or whether the equipment was owned or leased. When I finally had the death certificate in hand, I tried to call the phone number they provided for their "Dispute Resolutions Department" and was not able to get through...

I probably tried 50 times over the course of a few days and it was busy EVERY single time....kind of like they don't want you to get through... I finally looked online and found the number to their corporate office and was able to get transferred (that number is 303-723-1000) and get the fax number to send the death certificate. To make a very long and painful story short, after numerous phone calls -- always to different people...could NEVER get the same person twice -- and the sending of 5 faxes over the course of a week, they finally said they received the fax. Anyway, they "confirmed" that one of the accounts would be discontinued but they needed me to fax yet another death certificate to discontinue service on the other account (there were two accounts in total, and inexplicably, each one needed it's own death certificate!!!).

We've dealt with telephone companies, banks, utilities and ALL of them were easy to work with. Some of them may have required death certificates, but all of them understood the gravity of the situation and were helpful and willing to work with me. But not Dish.

Beware of Dish Network -- they are no better than a street-corner criminal.

John of Rolling Hills Estates, CA

Helpful?yesno5/5/11Dish Network is adding subliminal ads within its programming. I did not pay for this. It is also requiring me to jump through many hoops and threatening me with a charge of $100 to $400 for them to remove their equipment from my house.

Marcia of Scappoose, OR

Helpful?yesno4/26/11This is a letter I just sent to them:

We recently received a new receiver, model number VIP612, because the previous receiver was giving us problems. Well this receiver is even worse! Three times since we've had it it has just frozen up in the middle of a program. No rain involved or any other disturbance, it just froze up. Couldn't change channel's or anything. Mean while the other T.V.'s in the house connected to the other receiver worked fine. So we have to completely cut off the power to it and let it reboot. Three times is completely too many since we received this piece of equipment not even two months ago. I must say that my wife and I are very disappointed with your company. When we signed up we were mislead into believing that we were getting TWO DVR's.

(That is exactly what we were told on the phone) But we didn't. eventually Dishnetwork agreed to send us the second DVR and than you jacked up our monthly bill to $81.00. Not too long ago (about the time you started carrying the O.W.N. Network which I don't want) You raised our price again to $86 and change. Now I asked the last time I wrote to be let out of this ridiculous two year contract so I can explore other (less expensive) options, and I'm asking again to be put on a month to month basis. I'm tired of missing shows because your equipment keeps failing and I don't want anymore equipment and price gouges. Just let me out of this contract and when I find a better provider you will get all your equipment back (providing you send me all the boxes and shipping labels!) By the way your T.V. commercials are truly misleading! If I'm only hooked up to 3 televisions in my home and am being charged $86.00 Then I know you are NOT the least expensive choice out there! Again...let's get me out of this contract ASAP. Thank you. George ********* P.S. A copy of this will be going to various consumer protection agencies.

George of Massillon, OH

Helpful?yesno4/11/11how creepy is it that dish reps stalk their customers on consumer sites. are you paid good money to chase after people you've already pissed off? is there a "specific" reason why dish waits until the customer is this mad to be helpful and informative? i guess its the same reason why a newly reffered dish cust get the $50 incentive immediatly, and the existing customer, that just scooted a customer your way, gets their part of the incentive in increments of $5 over a 10 mo period. incentives, promotions, service, these are all code for- get them locked in. the reffering cust is already locked in, no immediate need to impress them, its the one with the option to cancel your worried about.

look, i dont mind enterinmg into service contracts because im too busy to be worried about jumping around from comp to comp. i will hang out as long as you let me-provided the relationship is good. i READ my service contracts. im aware in advance, that they are under no obligation what so ever to deliver any service at all, they tell you that in the contract. people, dont accept a disclaimer read over the phone by someone who dosent even understand the language in which its written, ask for a written copy to be emailed-or mailed so you can see what your agreeing to. dish, you got me, i got the short end of the 50/50 chance i would get the service im paying for. i will have to calculate the best time to bow out, my charges each month are steady climbing, with no real reason, might be cheaper to etf you guys.

i can really do without tv. it sits and watches me use the internet to have lighthearted fun with wonderful dish network employees. i will say though, cover your ears kirstie-handling issues via BBB gets quicker results. why mess around with the middle man flunkies, go straight to the real stuff. every time a complaint is filed (legitamate of course) is recorded on their BBB profile. you got one shot to get as much out of it as you can, these reps dont know who you are after you accept the resolution. so, i say, try it again-another complaint. what is it with you companies that spend billions on ripping people off? have you ever had an analyist even see if your profits would be better, actually making customers happy? no, because that means you would have to actually provide something in return. kudos !!!

ms. of baltimore, MD

Helpful?yesno3/31/11We had trouble with our tv and we called dish and told them. they sent 2 men out. the men themselves told us they were subcontractors for dish tv. they went outside to the satellite and told my husband to just relax and stay upstairs that they would take care of the problem. the one man came upstairs and showed us a 6" or so piece of wire that was shaved off on both ends and the middle of it looked as if they shaved a slice out of it. he told us a mouse ate it or a raccoon ate it. he said i know you are an elderly couple and on a fixed income and said how about slippin us $30.00 and we won't report it to dish. I said no way and he said how about a tip? I said how much and he said $5.00.

I said okay and gave him $5.00 to get him out of my house. Then the other man came up the stairs and the first words out of his mouth were "I did not put down the wire on the report to dish" The other man said thats okay we are not telling dish about the wire.. They left and we got to thinking about it and figured out they scammed us. spoke to Chrystal there and told her the whole story. she said to give her a day and she would call me back and let us know what was happening. No call. I called them and was told she left at 1 that day. I called them the next morning and they told me that it was turned over to a man named Joe. spoke with him and he could not understand what we were talking about. Told him it was not the $5.00 we were worried about but that if they scammed us they had to have scammed others. suggested they check into it. He kept saying we are alledging that we gave them money. He said he would send someone out to take pictures of the wiring etc.

The man came out and took pictures and said that the other men did not do a thing to the satellite dish and he understood what we were talking about. He said that dish would contact us to replace the wires and anything else that needed it.The man came out today and did all that. The whole point of this is to let dish know that some of their subcontractor are scam artists. We gave them the name of the guy to chrystal and hope thay will do something about the scam artists.

donna of jasper, FL

Helpful?yesno3/22/11Back in December of 2010, I got called from a representative of dishnetwork. I listened to their deals, and decided to go with them. I asked several times if my price was locked in? I was told yes everytime I asked the question. I agreed to a "locked in" price for a year, then my price would go up. I told the rep that if my bill changes once in that first year, we will have a problem, and I was told don't worry. I asked for certain channels, and was guaranteed to have those channels in my so called package. I had dishnetwork installed later that week. After spending a few days figuring out the system, I noticed that I didn't have some of the channels that I was promised. I then called back, and got a different person, who explained that I would have to upgrade my package if I wanted those channels. I told her what had happened, and although she apologized, and gave me a few coupons,it still doesn't change the fact that I was lied to so a sale could be made.

My daughter was enjoying the satelite channels, so I told them they are a joke, but I kept it anyway. I have the bill automatically deducted from a checking account, so I never received any paper from them. 3 months goes by, and I decide to check my account on their web site. I see that my account is being charged more than I agreed to. I call them up, figuring it's just a mistake, but I get some *** on the phone telling me the price went up. I explain that I am locked into a price for a year, and he says no we can raise your price anytime we want. I told him what their rep had sold me, and he says the reps don't know we're gonna raise it. I ask him how can a rep for Dishnetwork not know that could happen, but sell me a locked in price? He becomes an *** to me telling me he wouldn't sign anything without reading it, and Dishnetwork can raise prices whenever they want. Even with a locked in price.

I tell him that's why I agreed to the deal was because of the locked in price. He said he doesn't care what the rep told me that's how it is. I got a supervisor on the phone after this *** put me on holod for an eternity, and the supervisor tells me I was locked into the savings not the price. What a load of garbage. When you agree to their terms over the phone, you get a recording at the end of the phone call going over everything you just agreed to. The problem is the person reading it to you is going so fast that there is no way on God's green earth that you can keep up with what is being said. If I thought that my locked in rate could go up, I would have never agreed to this deal with this horrible company. I feel they completely misrepresented themselves, just to make a sale. Now I'm locked into this contract, that apparently they can raise the price whenever they want to. I was promised certain channels that I donot have, and promised a locked in rate that I donot have. When I told them I was going to contact you, their response was do whatever you have to do, they don't care. They couldn't care less if Consumer Affairs gets involved, I got the impression that they think you guys are a joke. Please help me, I am a single father, and I work *** hard for what little money I have. I'm just trying to let my daughter, and myself enjoy a little television. Thank you very much.

Willaim of gardnerville, NV

Helpful?yesno3/16/11I have experienced multiple sporadic interferences on my two television screens for the last eight months.I tried to trouble shoot the problems the network in different occasion and they finally sent me a technician who discovered that my equipment was working in a proper manners with an excellent reception from my satellite dishes...his statement was " the source of the problem is the broadcasting network itself".so,the tech didn't do anything and the problem remains the same.

john of la mesa, CA

Helpful?yesno3/9/11I have a basic subscription with the only add on being the CD music channels, which are the ones I use most often. When I recently tried to access them up came a screen stating that these channels were a service which had not been paid for. I checked my credit card statement as my subscription was on auto deduct and yes it had been deducted as normal. I phoned dish TV who informed me that they were no longer offering these channels and that were only available with another package which included more tv channels at substantially higher cost.

I pointed out that there was still nearly a month left to go on what I had paid for to which they responded that they would credit me back on my next statement! Most tv I watch is the morning news and because the picture is so much better with my antenna than the dish tv signal, why would I want to pay dish tv for such a lousy service?

Obviously I am cancelling. Dish tv have a horrible attitude towards their customers evidenced by their taking money for a service which they were not willing to provide, and what makes it worse , not even notifying the customer of their action, either in advance or at the time.

If this is the best idea they can come up with to increase revenue, then they have actually reduced it and lost a customer for life.

Philip of Gold Canyon, AZ

Helpful?yesno2/27/11This is the second time that I had to file a complaint with Dish Network. Here is the fact: I came across a promotion that Dish Network was offering in May 2010. The promotion was for $ 19.99 a month of satellite service.

When I called the Dish Network the customer service representative (CSR) told me that in order to receive the promotional rate of $ 19.99/month I would need to sign up for a two year contract. In addition the $ 19.99/month is only valid for the first 12 months. After the first 12 months the rate would revert back to the original rate.

After hearing the CSR explain the promotional package of $ 19.99/month for the first 12 month I decided to sign up for the service. Ever since I have signed up for the service Dish Network has been overcharging my account almost on a monthly basis. Every month I have noticed that there were charges that were not authorized. I had to call on several occassions to disput the charges.

Sometimes the errors were corrected immediate and other times it require several attempts including filing a formal written complaints with various federal and state agencies such as Consumer Affairs to have the matters rectify.

On the latest statement dated Feb. 22, 2011 I have noticed that they have increased the monthly basic satellite service fee from the previous agreed upon fee of $ 19.99/month to $ 24.99/month. In my opinion this is a violation of the original terms of contract when the first 12 months should be fix at $ 19.99/month.

I have called the CSR at Dish Network and they refuse to honor the original terms $ 19.99/month for the first 12 months and refuse to credit and adjust my account. Since day one it has been a very frustrating and unpleasant experience where constantly Dish Network has issued charges that were authorized and without any merit.

When I tried to call the CSR they are not helpful at all. At this point since Dish Network is in violation and breach the orignal contract and fail to honor the agreed upon monthly fee of $ 19.99/month for the first twelve months I would like to cancel and terminate the contract.

In addition to cancel and terminate the contract I will not be paying any early cancellation/termination fee since Dish Network breach the contract unilaterally.

Any assistance that you can help to rectify this matter is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hear from you.

Jack of Orange, CA

Helpful?yesno2/26/11I started service with Dish Network in August 2010 and verbally agreed over the phone to a 24-month contract for 54.99 per month for the package I chose. In February 2011 I noticed my bill had increased so I looked at it more closely to see why. My package had increased by $5.00 per month with no warning or explanation. I decided to call and find out why. I was told their pricing had gone up so they had increased my cost as well. I mentioned the contract and was told the contract clearly indicated they could raise their prices whenever they wanted.

Then I recalled that the day the technician installed our 'new' service I was handed a wad of pink paperwork to initial and sign in two places as he was heading out the door. Shame on me for not making him sit there for 2 hours while I read every page, front and back, along with the fine print I had been handed. By signing I had agreed to be bound and gagged to this company for two years and the best part is that they promised me they can raise my pricing whenever they want!

I argued "what good is a contract when you're the only one making the promise?" and was quickly referred to their 'executive customer service department' and spoke with an 'executive' named Julia. I explained that I thought this type of contract was essentially illegal and their rep who initially set-up my account mis-represented the terms of the contract by telling me I would be locked in at that price for 2 years.

She disagreed and hung up on me. Shocker. I believe a contract has to be bi-lateral among other things to be valid and enforceable in the state of Nevada, where I have the Dish service.

If your Dish contract pricing has gone up while you're stll in contract please let me know. These people practice shady business and need to be stopped.

Maybe a class-action in necessary here?

Kim of Sparks, NV

Helpful?yesno2/24/11I was locked in for 1 year with Dish pricing. I've had them for 4 months and they are raising my contract price. Can I cancel without consequences because they broke the contract first?

Cheryl of Glencoe, MN

Helpful?yesno2/22/11I purchased and activated a receiver. I have records of purchases and tracking numbers, but Dish Network claims that this unit is leased, even though they have no records of signed lease or shipping information. They made a mistake and they want the paying customers to prove that we are innocent. I believe it should be the other way.

I am not satisfied with the way Dish Networks is handling this case. I had to provide evidence that I purchased my receiver, this is ridiculous. Why do I need to prove that something mine belongs to me?

I am very concerned with this unfair business practice. Fortunately, I have records and receipts, but I tend to think that other paying Dish Network costumers may be facing a similar dilemma. I cant help but to feel sorry for those that do not have the receipts or records, because Dish Networks will end up taking away something that belongs to them. That is extortion and theft.

Dish Networks should change this terrible business practice. I feel that Dish Networks should be the one to provide evidence that this receiver belongs to them instead. Dish Network should provide shipping information and a signed lease agreement.

The way Dish Network is handling these cases is by calling us, their paying customers, guilty unless we prove we are innocent and that is not the right way to do business in this country. It will only assure that once our contract expires, we will look for other cable TV providers.

If this practice is common and voluntary, I am sure someone out there will figure out a lawsuit against this aweful business practice. I guess it may be oriented to keep costumers or to take their equipment from their hands.

Either way, it is not fair.

Frank of Chicago, IL

Helpful?yesno2/22/11I have order PPV worth of $129 world cup cricket. When I order it they said it will be broadcast in all receiver.Today it didn't happen at night 3:00am with first match. I called and took them TWO hour to respond. They have decided to broadcast only on one receiver.

This is case with only this PPV.Any other PPV will be broadcast on all receiver.

These is three week program and it will be broadcast only on one receiver.

They are not willing to refund the money as well.

Sachin of Missouri City, TX

Helpful?yesno2/19/11We have ordered a Pay-Per-View Event on Dish Network. The Pay-Per-View is called ICC WORLD CUP 2011. We have 3 receivers to watch other Dish Network programming in 3 different rooms. Dish Network were advertising the Pay Per View for $ 129.99 and $ 149.99. They never mentioned in any of their advertisement or when we order through telephone that they will be only showing the Pay-Per-View only on 1 receiver.

I have tried to call them 3 or 4 times to ask them the question about why only showing on 1 receiver which is inconvenient. Dish Network did not had any answer when calling them and said that they did not made the advertisement shown on the various South Asian programming channels. Even when couple of my other friends ordered the event through phone, the customer representative from Dish Network said that this particular package ICC World Cup 2011 will be shown on all the receivers.

My complaint is that Dish Network mislead us to believe that the event will be shown to all the receivers and customer rep. also said that it will be shown on all the receivers.

Upon contacting Dish Network, they did not want to talk about this and were rude in replying for asking my simple question that why you guys did not say when we ordered the event. Dishnetwork has made false advertisement and Customer Representative at Dish Network also mislead us to buy the package. I asked for the explanation which they were not ready to talk.

Please Please follow up with Dish Network because unlike me many have been duped by them in believing that the event will be shown on their all activated receivers.


Pankaj ******

Pankaj of Signal Hill, CA


Monetary Loss: $700.

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Since I have had Dish Network I don't enjoy my TV anymore

When it rains or snows you can't watch TV no because the service goes out. They tell you that there is nothing that they can do but they still want you to pay those high *** bills every Month. I am not sick of these people taking advantage of us poor people just because we want to watch TV.

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