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Last year me and my ex split so i turn off the cable but my ex kept calling them and having it turned back on. So i kept calling dish back and telling them that it wasnt me and stop letting her turn it back on but they kept letting it happen!

I told i want it turned off for the 5th time in one day and do not let it be turned back on! So what wound up happening they talked me into pitting it all in her name so it would be my problem anymore this is something i didnt want to do it but over and over they insisted if i agreed to it. That it would be off of me and it would be on her. By the end of the conversation she said it was all done and over..well here it is a year later and im getting calls from collections saying i owe 600+ dollers for boxes .

Im sorry say what!! So i just spent the past couple hours on the phone with dish and they dont care what happened and yes yhey have they recordings and the notes in the computer of what happend. There soulution was to talk to debt collector and try and have debt reduced or get a lawyer and get the recordings. I was told everything was taken care of by a DISH REP..

how is this fair? They screw up there at fault but they pass it off on me. I cant affored a lawyer so i guess im just screwed!

I was just told by a supervisor that he takes care of his affairs and there is nothing he could do it was my in other words it doesnt matter when they make a mistake because they will just pass it off to you..awful people to deal with didnt care at all that they made mistakes over and over with my account..shame on you dish you have the proof that you all made the mistake not me. Passing the buck is policy i guess!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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No, it is clear that it was you that made the mistake.

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