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I was a customer with Dish Net work from 2006 till 2010. I end my contract with them because of post threats posted while watching TV and numerous telephone calls to discontinue my services for $36.00. For as long as I have been with Dish Net, I never once have my services disconnected. One month of hardship and I was and still being harassed as if my $36 would make or break this company.

Here the thing with them I am very angry about. I met my current boyfriend after my contract ended with them. Fourth of July weekend I applied for an in store credit card with Sam's warehouse club. As my boy friend was the membership holder, I was approved for this card in my own name, yet was told the bill would come to the membership address.

07/11/2011, my boyfriend receives a call from the debt collections company asking to speak with me.

They called his home and would not provide him any information as to the reasons for their call. My boyfriend and I do not and have not lived together.

The collector did provide a telephone number and reference number for me to call back.

I have had the same telephone number for 23 years and I did not nor have not received a phone call from Dish Net Work yesterday or prior to.

The kicker is the amount of collection as for $16.00.

Wow! Really?

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Rules and policies for each individual company is going to be based on their larger customer base. if you do the math and hypothetically you owe $36 past due.

Lets pretend 1/4 of their customers are then past due. Dish Network reports 14 million customers within their clientale. That's 3.5 million customers. $36x3.5 million= $126 Million.

That is enough to make or break a company so they will proactively remind you, that a payment is due, and to call to work something out, in minimum. Also, I have Dish Network, and have asked about that. If you press Cancel(first option it gives) then it will continue to come up. If you acknowledge it 3 times by selecting 'OK' it will stop appearing.

It is just a reminder. Other information learned on that, is that that message comes up 5 days before intteruption. Dish network allows almost 2 months past due before becoming interrupted. So It is not just 1 month of hardship, but you have not covered a past due amount for nearly 2 months.

Think of the big picture before putting the blame on anyone other then yourself. They have worked wonderfully with me when I needed to make everything work.

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