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I have had Dish for about a year now, I went through 2 receivers. They are glad to send you a new one, then you have to spend the time to install it, Pack it back up, and find a fedex place to send them back.

(KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS). After going throught the first 2 receivers, my wife received a call that they were waiting on the last one to be returned. When she explained we already did, They basically caller her a liar, and stated SHE had to prove it. (which is weird, they send you the tracking number).

So I called when I got home and provided them the tracking and delivery information. Come to find out it was THEIR error. They miss coded one of my current receivers as defective and was sending out a box. Not sure how that happened.

They assured me it was taken care of. About a week later I get a box in the mail???????. Well low and behold, A third receiver bacame defective about 2 weeks later. As usual they offered to send out another receiver.

I was DONE rewiring my equipment every 3 months, so they offered to send out a service guy for the first call today. Well after sitting there for 2 hours, I decided to get ahold of them and see where they were. Well on line chat is 15-20 minute wait.. are you kidding.

It is a week day!!!!!!!. You would think that if they had on going issues with a customer there would be an escallation process. That is not the case. You are ONLY a number.

Think twice before you get sucked into a contract with this company.

This company has cost me many days of lost service not to mention the time of servicing their defective equipment, and many hours of frustration.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Receiver.

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DanB@Dish Network
Aurora, Colorado, United States #626028

I am sorry to hear that you have been so frustrated with our services. I do hope that we were able to resolve this issue for you. However if the issues are still persisting, please e-mail me at: Daniel.Busa@DISH.com

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