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Chat or phone call, Dish customer service does not discriminate.

I made inquiries via both and found their sales support service the worst ever. I'm a Direct TV customer considering making a change. I also need a better internet provider.

Spent 30 minutes on chat yesterday with dish talking about TV service. I had already done the internet investigation and know about the service I wanted but had some basic pricing questions. When the chat begin, I told the rep I know what service I needed. The rep said before she could answer my question she had to ask some question. Her first question was.. "Which channels are a 'must have'" At that point I knew this was not going to be a good experience. Bottom line... after 30 minutes of questions on her part, she said she needs to set up an account for me. "What???", I asked... "When I make a decision to go with Dish, I'll get back to you. Thanks for your help". At this point, she proceeded to tell me once again why Dish is the best service. Not wanting to be rude, I said "Thank you, good-bye." Her response was "Wait, I can help you." I ended the chat.

Today, I called about the internet service with a simple question "What service would you recommend for someone who downloads movies?". His response was "I'm sorry but I can't answer your question because we have a SYSTEM I need to follow. I told the guy I already spoke to someone about TV, did not have service with Dish and had one simple question..... after 30 minutes of him asking totally irrelevant questions and me asking for an answer to my 1 question ..... "we need to check your credit..." He asked my date of birth - nothing else that would help him to check my credit (which I wouldn't have given anyway). At this point, he also wanted to set up my account. I essential told him to stick it up his system's f'ing memory and closed the chat.

Thinking that talking to [or venting with] a live person might get me an answer, I called the sales line. I repeated a number of facts I knew he was going to ask, told him I knew all about their "system" and asked my question... He asked for my address including zip code so he could check availability. After giving it to him, he asked "are you sure about your zip code?" WTF I though. Of course I'm sure. "Well sir, our "system" said that no such zip code exists." I give him a hardy GOOD BYE!!!!!!!!

After spending over an hour trying to get answers to questions that should have taken 15 minutes to answer, I've decided to keep my Direct TV and my sh'ty internet service. Dish might have better product but absolutely the worst sales support!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Tv Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Sales support services.

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