Three PPV charges for wrestling/MMA events appeared on our monthly bill, about $90.00. They occurred over a week period, two of the days we were out of town.

We did not order these items of course and promptly called dish. After about an hour and a half on the phone with these "customer service reps" they agreed to give us a "one time courtesy" and remove the charges.

Dish sucks, they never admitted it was possible there was some technical glitch and they could see we had never ordered any PPV before. If we hadn't been paying attention they would have gotten paid and we would be out of luck.

Monetary Loss: $90.

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention and I'd be happy to look into it if you could please email me your account number at michael.lemar@dish.com so I can take a look!


I have the same issue here in Alaska - DISH basically has blamed me, and since I am a senior citizen, said it must have been my grandchild . .

. who is 10 months old and lives 3,500 miles away and I seriously doubt she would be interested in the Mayweather fight. DISH is unwilling to accept that there is a real issue with hacking/access to the receiver and puts all the blame on me. As a senior on a fixed income, I cannot afford to pay DISH for things I did not order even though their customer no-service reps are making me the bad guy.

My remote is now without batteries, my receiver is unplugged from the cable and the electrical outlet. Tomorrow morning, after I contact the FCC and my congressman to voice my complaints about DISH, I will be cancelling their non-service and returning their malfunctioning/hackable equipment.

Aurora, Colorado, United States #678553


I'd be more than happy to help you with this situation! Can you please email me your account number at michael.lemar@dish.com so I can have a look at the charges and check our options? Thanks!

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