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The person(s) that do the scheduling of programs should try to watch the fruits of their labor. It is actually pretty sickening.

The commercials last longer than the program. The same program is repeated several times though out the day; sometimes back to back. This is also true of the commercials.

The program schedules are often wrong: that which is scheduled does not appear. Often there is no signal receivable.PPV is $5.00 per viewing. Red box is a buck.

I have been a Dish customer for 5+ years. I'm sorry your service has suffered recently.

I'm cancelling my service

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Hello this is Nick Franta with DISH. Just wanted to provide some information to clear the frustrations you are having. The programming on the channels and the amount of commercials being shown are decided by the channel provider. DISH doesn't have any input on the programming the channels will show.

PPV charges are higher than other rental outlets because the movies will come on PPV before they are released to renting services.

The program guide should be showing the accurate programming information. Sometimes the channel provider change their programming and we will coordinate with them to change our guide as soon as possible as long as they alert us of the changes. Also, sometimes a hard reset of the receiver can be beneficial by unplugging it for 10 seconds to get the latest programming information if you have been noticing any irregularities.

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