I signed up for Dish in December 2014. At the time, I signed up for a 12-month promotional period at a lower price advertised at the time.

I was not aware nor was I told that I was signing up for a 24-month period. Meaning, if I cancel my subscription before the end of 24 months I would have to pay $20 per month for the remaining 2nd year! I might be moving soon, and I don't know how the reception will be at my new location. Now, if I have to change to another service, I'll be charged $20/mo for the second year.

At the time of signup, I also spoke with an individual, whose name I won't reveal unless asked. I asked him if, after one year, I can select a package that does not contain Spanish programs. I wanted to do this because the billing showed that the Spanish programs are costing me a few dollars each month.

Of course, I contacted Dish just before my 12-month promotion period was up and told them that now that my promotion period will be up, I want to remove the Spanish programs. I was told it's part of every package!

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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #1072034

It's typical fraud. I did the same.

Signed up for twelve month special. At the end of the twelve months I was told they don't have a one year contract, only two years, and the person that sold me the service didn't work directly for them.

The installer had me sign for the installation so he could be paid. Hidden under the carbon copies was a two-year contract. Took Dish to small claims court and won, but they are not located in Arizona, and did not appear.

They put a bad mark on my credit reports, and won't remove it. Real scammers as well as bad service.


Unless you have the Latino bonus pack, you are not paying extra for the Spanish stations. The packages are arranged contractually, to offer to a diverse customer group.

There are some, but not many Spanish stations in the English packages to make it fair to all customers. Ala carte does not currently exist.

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