I recently switched from Dishnetwork to Comcast. We had problems from the very first day. Our signal went down every 5-10 minutes all day long. We could not record or watch an entire television show because the signal would be lost at least once and usually more than once during the program. The box that we had in our bedroom quit working 3 days after it was installed. I called Comcast and they sent out another box. They also sent another technician out to repair the system. He changed the wire to our home, replaced the DVR and set up the new box in the bedroom. Finally 10 days after our system was installed, it began working correctly. I thought the problems were finally over. I was wrong. On Saturday I received my first bill. Rather than the $119.00 monthly fee that I was quoted, I was charged $408.00! I'm being charged for the service call to fix the system that should have been working correctly in the first place. I'm also being charged for the replacement box that was sent out, and for the technical fee to set the replacement box. This is not fair. I shouldn't be charged for technician fees to replace their faulty equipment. They must be re-using old equipment. If they were using new equipment both the cable box and the DVR wouldn't have been bad from the beginning.

It also seems that Comcast bills for the first month service as well as billing for the next month of service in advance so I was also billed for two full months of service. I don't believe that this is legal. Even if it is legal, it isn't fair and should be disclosed when they come out to hook up the service. Had I known that they were going to send me a bill for $408.00 I would never have agreed to switch my service to Comcast.

I attempted to call Comcast and received a message stating that the office was closed. What kind of customer service is that? Their adds claim that they are available 24/7. Since I couldn't get hold of a live person via telephone, I went to their online chat system. The person was not the least bit helpful. I told her that I wanted to cancel my service as the advertisements state that you have 30 days to cancel if your not satisfied. She said that I would have to call their disconnect number to do so. But you can't do that on a Sunday as the office is closed! I signed up for Comcast on 08/10/11. Their bill was dated 09/02/10. With two to three days for mailing time, and the fact that their office is closed on the weekends and you can't cancel your service on the weekends, it is almost impossible to receive your bill and realize that you're being over charged, and cancel your service within the 30 day window. I have to wonder if they do this on purpose.

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