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I cancelled Dish Network in September 2011 when I moved out of my home. They were bundled with my internet provider.

When I cancelled both, I asked the question, "do I need to return any equipment?" I was told no, the equipment is yours. So I got rid of all equipment. I never heard from Dish until I purchased my home in September of 2012 (YES A WHOLE YEAR LATER). I started to receive first a letter asking for a sim card that is "inside" the receiver.

I called Dish and I spent a good hour on the phone with them explaining that I cancelled their service over a year prior and why they are contacting me now. They advised to disregard the letter. Next I received an empty box with instructions to return the receivers. I promptly called Dish and again spent a good hour on the phone with Dish AGAIN explaining the same thing and they stated that I did not have to return any equipment and stated they contacted my phone company and confirmed some information.

Next I got an invoice for $400 for the receivers. Again I called Dish. This time they say they have no record of ANY of my calls to Dish and will reverse only $100 of the $400 that I OWE. I would understand notifying me right after receiving the notification from my phone company of the disconnect order in September 2011 that I needed to return the equipment, I would return it and would of done so.

But I would NEVER carry around useless equipment for over a year with me and wait for Dish to tell me to return it after I specifically asked if I needed to return it and over a year later they ask for it back!!! I am floored that a publicly traded company cannot or does not keep accurate record of the incoming phone calls fromconsumers in which in order for dish customer service reps to get the information needed had to access and SHOULD of noted the EXACT conversations that took place.

Is this not a violation of the Sarbanes-Oxley regulations on publicly traded companies? I wonder how many other customers have called in and notes are not added to their accessed accounts.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Receiver.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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I understand your concerns and would be happy to look into this for you. Please send me an email at becki.barned@dish.com Thank you!

Becki Barned

DISH Internet Response Team

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