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I've known for quite sometime that there was a hacker on my internet service and using up my bandwidth. I've called Dish.network a couple times only to get "there's nothing wrong with our modem", "have you taken your PC in to have it checked", and "you can pay $7 a month to get our support service"....

Being pretty savvy with computers and the internet because of extensive training and many years of personal experience, I finally found the hacker yesterday. He had hacked my router and changed all its settings. It was like I had opened up a business card for the hacker with all of his information right there in my router. But, I had to be persistent.

He was blocking me from getting into the router so I did a reset on the router back to the standard logon ID & PW and kept shutting the router off until it gave me just enough time to login. Once I logged in, wa-la....there he was in all his glory. I've reported him to the authorities. What I want to know is....If I can do this, why couldn't Dish.network or Hughes.net?

I don't think they know how or even want to be bothered. They just want our money. The attached picture if the hackers calling card. He goes by CopperTiger.....

Hope this info helps anyone out there experiencing the same thing. Good luck.

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that's not a hacker it's just someone who got the original login/pw and was able to get in and change stuff.

a real hacker would know how to hide his actions. really wish people would stop anyone doing something they shouldn't on a computer a "hacker" as 9/10 of the time they're just little kiddies that download something to make it seem like they have hacking skills.

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