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They told me the .price would not change,I noticed that more was being taken out,I called there was nothing I could do,I asked to speak to a superviser,after two hrs on the phone,they Hung up on me,it was never rectified,I'm locked into a contract,that I never would've agreed to,if I had known they can change the price,anytime,and take more money,without prior notification,I spoke to someone today who told me my$29 a month agreement could cost up to $70,and there nothing I can do,how is this legal?

Monetary Loss: $460.

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West Palm Beach, Florida, United States #589820

When I joined dish I was assured my rate would not go up. First $41.00 and now $57.00.

I expressed that they had never told me the price would go up. Too little too late thyey said that I had to pay like $400 to leave. When did I sign for a two year plan? It amazes and aggravates me when I wat commercials of dish Vs Direct TV.

All these companies just want to rip you off.

Please, tell friends and relatives NOT to get Dish. * More than half the channels are commercial(jelwery, home improvement, etc, etc) * First rain drops of the season Dish stops working *Just 15 channels are worth having; the rest you can dump in the garbage.

to westpalm Tucson, Arizona, United States #592568

Was with Dish for 5 yrs then swicted to direct. Big mistake my bill was not the amount agreed to and it went up the next month and they increase prices when every they want and are quite happy to tell me.

I am almost out of contact want to back to dish they were better to me than direct. I guess everyone in the business is doing the same wrong things.

I never signed a hard copy contact with direct vuxucas well. I was told once you start receiving their programming that the commitment.

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