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I had talked with a sales rep when I was looking to upgrade and specifically asked about the iPad offer for existing customers when upgrading to the hopper. I asked a few times during the course of the process and was assured that the offer was good and that the new hopper would come with an iPad in the mail after 4-6 weeks. This line about the refer a friend thing I have already heard. I know that you are going to tell me that that offer cannot be applied to my account but that is what i am trying to get to happen. I upgraded in good faith believing what the sales rep had told me that I would be receiving an iPad with the offer.

This is after I had a previous rep when I first signed up for service back in 2011 tell me that he would apply a Amazon gift card promo code to my account when I called in about that order and I came to find out that the sales rep couldn't do that and that I would have needed to sign up through a different partnership deal. I guess what I am saying is that DISH sales reps have a bad habit of saying whatever they want (lying) to make a sell and knowing that a customer can do nothing after the fact and is stuck in a contract.

I am really disappointed in DISH and will not recommend it to family or friends. Just so you know I am an IT professional and am the person that my family and friends come to, to ask about what services and products i.e. TVs, Computers, Cable or Dish. I also plan on posting this issue in any forum and user board that I can find to voice my displeasure about the response from DISH customer service. The answer to customer complaints is not to keep repeating the same line of sorry for the miscommunication (lie) but to make the situation better for the customer who DISH has been happy to take money from as long as they don't have to fulfill their part of the bargain.

So my expectation is for someone at DISH to make this right and fulfill the implied guarantee from the sales rep. Make this right and quit giving me the same runaround. If this needs to be escalated then do so, get this complaint to a level where it can be addressed by someone who can make a decision to fix it. If you are reading this, do not signup with DISH and do not trust what the sells reps tell you make them put the supposed offer in writing.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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I'm sorry to hear you feel that way about our customer support as it's certainly never our intention! Do you have our service currently?

Please email me your account number if you do so I can look into your situation and see what I can do. My email address is and I hope you to hear from you!


They will do ANYTHING to make a sale and not just say anything including putting up an ugly dish with black, white and red writing on that amounts to a billboard in a residential neighborhood on a house.

We going to have to deal with local code enforcement to get their ugly dish taken down off the neighborhs house. The antenna/dish is one thing but a multi color dish with writing. No way.

So keep in mind if you buy Dish you might wind up with angry neighbors, home owners association and/or local code enforcement fining you and/or telling you to take it down.



I had a chance to review your post and found it interesting! The details with that offer are that existing customers must refer three people to our service by the end of 2013 and each referral must sign up with our Hopper system in order for that customer, the referrer, to qualify. I understand your confusion and would appreciate your efforts if you could please email me your account number at so I can have a look.

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