My monthly rate went from S85.00 dollars a month to $104.00, so of course I called to find out why! They explained. "that my promotion was over", so of course like any savvy consumer, I began negotiations. The gentlemen on the phone offered me $15.00 off a month bringing it close to what it was prior to the increase. But seeing all the adds on television prompted me to see what other deals I could negotiate. he explained, "that was the lowest he go personally go" and he patched me over to another department. This women claimed she was only at liberty to give me not $15.00 off but $7.00"! Needless to say I was completely irritated, she would not budge. So I told her "I was going to shop for a better deal with another cable provider and her reply was "okay, call us back and let us know what you decide to do"! Sure enough I found a very similar package that included my internet for under $100.00 a month. I paid for them to come out install the equipment and everybody was happy, so I thought. I called Dish to cancel and they informed me," I had a $225.00 cancelation fee". My immediate response was, "why did you not tell me I still had remaining time on my contract"? The customer service representative, gladly informed me, "they are not required to tell you unless they are asked"! So slimy, I just had to get the word out! Then I get online and find and article on this same issue and it says to contact the gentleman (hardly) below. Boy the training from the bottom of the ranks to the top of the ranks does not vary one iota. All he kept saying is, "you signed a contract," We offered you $15.00 off (and resended all in 20 minutes)! I kept asking, "why they did not tell me my contract had more time on it"? He never gave me a direct response only siting that, " I signed a contract". I cannot believe in such hard economic times that this is what our huge corporations, believe this is what works for our money cautious consumer. They must thin we are a bunch of idiots. My goal is to get the word out there, that these people are trying to make a buck and slimy way possible.

Jim Jaeger

Executive Communications

DISH Network, L.L.C.

Phone Hours: 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM MST TU - SA

(720) 514-7144

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Internet Service.

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