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I disconnected Dish, 3months ago because they lost a lot of their Channels ... I owed them 140and change, I sent back their equipment and Walkuim As Salaam changed 17.00 for return shipping...

Which bought it to 167.99 that I owed, I called and was told that I was being charged 367.00 Early Termination Fee, which I never agreed! To top it off, I couldn't get a payment arrangement for the 167.00, without it being sent to Collections , so I paid 167.99 with the understanding that I didn't owe anything.

I than asked to have all my credit Card to be taken off file, he said he was, but on,y find out today that he didn't and they plan on using my credit cards on file to pay it.... BEYOND PISSED!!!

Reason of review: Being Charged termination fee that I never agreed to....

Monetary Loss: $367.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Breech of contract, Customer service, Loss of channels, Loss of fox news programing, Service.

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Littleton, Colorado, United States #954893


I better take a look over your account information if you could please email me your account number and four-digit PIN at Thanks for your efforts!

to MikeLDISH123 Littleton, Colorado, United States #957614

Please excuse me for my last email address for it is

to MikeLDISH123 Littleton, Colorado, United States #957614

Please excuse me for my last email address for it is

to MikeLDISH123 #1143858

Hey Michael Lemar if you are the same person trying to tell my grandma that she needs to give you $150 to upgrade her box then I'll be speaking with you real soon. Calling and harassing a sweet lady every morning is sick. Go make a living like a normal person.

Ironton, Ohio, United States #949871

This is a company that should lose business liscence. They are scammers and you would be better off using coat hanger for antenna.

Internet would not work tv would not work when it rained. Was assigned 5 different phone numbers. Never got the one they promised. I dug up the dish and threw it in the street and returned there equipment all 10 miles of wires and junk.

Now they want 400.00 dollar disconnect charge. Good luck !!! Canceled my credit card and got new one.

Beware of this company if they call with offer hang up and run.

Mesa, Arizona, United States #946663

This is what you agreed to when you signed up for service. They can and will charge your qualifying credit card on record, not necessarily the card you have set up for autopay. They may have removed you off autopay, but you're still responsible for the ETF that can be auto drafted.

to Satellite Fan Lansdale, Pennsylvania, United States #954989

I never agreed to any such term!!! They only on charge the card I used to set up my account with!!!

I'll tell you like I told them... Send it collections , I'll pay a 3rd party 1/2 the cost and it'll be removed from my credit report 30days!!!

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