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Loyal customer for over two years. I moved and transferred my service, but they could not install because they could not get a signal at my location.

Since I had prepaid, my money was returned to me. The DVR box that I had was discontinued and I was told to recycle it after destroying the data card. Two months later I am being harassed to pay a bill (as if I had service). They also tried telling me that I had two DVR's.

Trying to get ahold of anyone in customer service is an absolute nightmare. I urge you to take your business somewhere else.

  • Dish Network Billing Scam
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Your frustration from that confusion is understandable and I'd love to help you get it cleared up if I could please get your account number and PIN at michael.lemar@dish.com! Also, if you wanted to let me know on here what type of receiver you have before you email me with your actual information, I can let you know publicly for anyone else who may happen to stumble across this whether your receiver is, in fact, obsolete--meaning we don't require it returned to us.

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