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Oh and since most of the income i mad was lost AFTER MY HUSBAND LEFT. i wasn't able to pay them.

i make around a $1000.00 dollars a month so im suppose to pay for rent support my 2 teenagers and pay dish $700.00? not to mention other bills?

Original review posted by user Oct 15, 2013

I had dish for about a year. the service sucked it was always going out not to mention it was expensive.

I had signed a contract but before i knew it my abusive alcoholic husband left me for another women and me and my 2 kids were being kicked out of our house. We had to move into an apartment on the bottom floor. it didn't have a balcony. In order to have a dish here, we have to have a balcony.

I'm not able to fulfill my contract because im going through a hardship. I spoke to a supervisor and she told me that i can attach my dish to a telephone pole. SINCE WHEN DO I OWN THE TELEPHONE POLE? I spoke to someone and he said he would suspend the account for 9 months hopefully by then we would be into our own place.

and then i would have fulfilled my contract. but now i get a bill for $700.00 saying im being sent to collections?! and a bill from the credit agencies saying i have a negative account?

Dish is the worst tv service not to mention there customer service is ***. I will not ever get them again and i will NEVER recommend them to anyone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Altoona, Pennsylvania, United States #784779

Having an abusive alcoholic husband that leaves you is not the fault of the company. You living in a place in which you cannot have the dish...also not the company's fault.

Does your situation suck...yes. but so do a lot of peoples...that is part of life. The suspension did not work out but at least they tried to work with you...many places do not. For example...i broke my neck in a car accident, my car was not paid off.

The insurance company totaled the car and gave me a check that did not pay off the car. Guess what...i still had to pay off my loan...i still had to pay rent...i was off work for a long time. I had to max my credit cards to survive. The accident was not even my fault..i was run off the road by a drunk driver then hit by another car.

Point being life sucks...suck it up buttercup.

You chose to stay in a bad relationship...i chose to drive my car. No discounts for me...oh and i am still paying student loans for my education for a job i can no longer do...and that was not my fault..i still have to pay them

Waco, Texas, United States #784449

Dish is horrible. Bought the equipment for a second home so I could turn it off and on without having to be tied into a contract.

First time I turn it off I get hit with a contract cancellation charge, even though I was assured when I bought the equipment this would not happen. Called Dish to resolve the issue explaining my situation, and that I intended to keep using their service in the future. They were not friendly about it, didn't care about having me as a long time customer, just wanted the quick cancellation money. Basically found out I was lied to by the rep who sold me the equipment.

Watch out for this company. Share holders may be happy in the short-term as suckers like myself get fleeced, but what's going to happen down the road when they run off all their loyal customers? Bad business!

Stay away! You have been warned!



I've reviewed your post and would like to have a look at your account if you could please email me your account number at! Thank you for your efforts and I'll look forward to looking into any options.

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