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Just had my Dish hooked up 2 days ago befor he hooked it up i ask him about loss of satallite during cloudy days he said it would have to be a very very bad storm ------------------- ok ----------- The first night 1 cloud get it 1 cloud went over lost my feed second night storming im setting her waiting for it to find the signal wondering if im going to get blowed away my point is ---- WHY have a satallite pay for local channels for the weather when it storms if its searching for a dang signal during a dang storm !!!!!! wish i had never switched (Guess its true you get what you pay for )

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We hated to have seen you go and very much appreciate your feedback about that! When instances like that happen on occasion, resetting the receiver usually resolves it.

We'd like to have you back with us someday and I'd encourage you to let me know at if you have any questions about the service! Thank you.



I can definitely understand the frustration. The signal strength is based on how well the install is done.

If the signal is going out during light or no weather, chances are the dish has to be aligned for peak angles. To get this done we would have to have a technician go out.

If you would like me to look into this option with you, please send me an email at!

Tommy Faust

DISH Social Media Representative


had Dish and it would go out when clouds came over. Had Dish taken out and switched to Direct and now I only lose signal when storm is major and solid wall of water blocks signal.

I only lose it for 10 minutes or so and then it comes back on. I gues Direct has better equipment and I am happy with it.

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