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I made my payment on the due date. An hour after my payment was made service was disconnected.

My payment was registered but Dish said the payment crossed paths with the order to turn off & it would be an hour before service restored. What?!? I pay my bill every month they screw up & I'm without what I paid for! They offered me free movie channels...I already get the movie channels for free, so they couldn't offer me anything.

Filed a complaint with Better Business Bureau said I was considering leaving for the competitor since Dish was so disrespectfu, & I would get a better deal. Their response was I could lower my package if price was an issue!!! Unreal!

So rude & unhelpful I understand mistakes happen, but at least own up for them & apologize.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Deal.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $117.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

I liked: Sign up was great.

I didn't like: Customer service and service, Service provided.

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If you were paying your bill on cut off day, then you were in the wrong for being late paying your bill

to Anonymous #1318230

Wow thanks for that insight!

to Anonymous #1318232

I got $30 a month knocked off my package to this day & HBo Cinemax Showtime & the other pay movie channels free for 6 months. So pretty sure I ended up being right


Don't say it was due on the 12th, and you had a two day grace and paid on the 14th. That's a LIE!

They give you over a month Grace period, and then send you an e-mail to warn you, and then if you call the day before the cut off date, they give you 9 more days! I have had Dish for over 5 years, and I know how it works!

to Anonymous #1318229

Actually no that's not how my account is set up. So Before you call people a liar learn your facts


No actually you are completely incorrect. They said my account is a pay as you go account.

I am not late with my payments. This is not on me. It's their mistake! I will be more than happy to puts copies of my bill with due date & my statement from my debit card payment.

You must work for Dish you have the same rude attitude. If you don't already work there apply you will fit in perfectly.

to Mlk0803 #984843

Nope, not an employee of Dish, but do recognize unwarranted freak outs. As mentioned in my first response, the pas as you go(officially known as Pay In Advance) you are given a due date.

2 days later the new billing cycle begins, so you would not be cut off for 2 days after your bill date, and that would be plenty of time for you to make that payment.

You are correct though, there are no late fees with the PIA style account. You can check billing timelines at my under the RSA and PIA contract.

to Anonymous #984848

Exactly! So due date on the 12th would have a grace til the 14th payment made on the 12th should not result in loss of service.

Hence my "freak out".

I wouldn't be angry if it was my fault. I am responsible adult who pays my bills I do what was expected of me they should have to own up for the mistakes!!!


With Dish, you are given the oppurtunity to make your payment 20 days after the bill comes out, and then an additional 10 days before it is considered late, and another 5-10 days before service is interrupted. That is the usual post pay account.

The pay in advance account, you are given your due date, followed by 2 additional days before an interruption takes place. For this to be cut off because of a payment issue, you would have already had to be late.

Judging by the response of the BBB complaint, I am assuming you regularly have late payments, possibly interruptions as well. Given these facts, and the evidence suggesting you may have late payments regularly, I am going to assume the blame is actually on you with this one.

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