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sales rep. lied to me to get me to sign up. and dish refused to resolve issue

i called dish to sign up for dish network and the sales rep. signed me up for 3 HD TVs with DVRs.

when the installation took place i noticed i only had 1 HD TV and ! regular TV and no DVRs. big difference from what i bought. so i called the next day and after being on the phone for 2 hours being transferred from dept to dept a second repair order was put in place. so i went home that night and nothing was changed. i still had 1 HD TV and 1 regular TV and my bed room TV still didnt work. so i called dish again and after being on the phone for another hour to hour and a half i was being told that for me to get the 3 HD TVs and DVRs i would have to pay an additional 400 plus dollars. if that was the case i would have never even signed up for dish. so i went ahead and canceled the account which was within a week of me signing up. and now dish wants me to pay them $470.18 for a early cancellation fee when it was there fault that i wasted a whole week messing around with them and they lied and wasted my time. i tried to contact dish many times since then and tried to plead my case but no1 there is willing to help. they also blamed me for not sending the receivers back in time but that was because they sent me 1 box and i couldnt fit all three receivers in one box and had to call them again to get another box, which is why it took me longer than usual to send the items back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Installation.

Monetary Loss: $470.

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Gladewater, Texas, United States #608971

This is basically the same thing that happened to me!!! I wasted paying them over $400 for ONE HD TV Receiver instead of two and at first they gave me an NON-HD receiver for both TV's when I told the sales rep I had an 82" TV and a 37" TV..it was so blurry and I was out of town when they installed it I had a family emergency so my son stayed home so they could install it, he tried calling me before they installed it to tell me it was going to be blurry but i was out of the service area..I was 5 hours away!!! I paid $100 for DirecTV and I have everything I need including ALL TV's having HD TV..They should reimburse us for dishonesty and for putting up with their rudeness and all of the frustration, heck they should pay us for putting up with their LIES!!!!

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