I signed up for Dish over a month ago. The service has never worked right from day one.

We have made over a dozen phone calls, emailed at least twice and had a chat session. Nearly all of the people we spoke to were rude and unhelpful. My wife finally told the last tech that either they fix it or we are cancelling, the tech actually had the nerve to threaten my wife!

She told her that no matter why she cancels if she does we will be charged a $400+ fee. So we can either pay the fee or be stuck with TV that we can't watch.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Tv Service.

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Hi, my name is Cheri Torres and I work on the Social Media Team at DISH. I can definitely understand your frustration and would like to help! Can you please email me at Cheri.Torres@Dish.com with more details? Thank you!

Cheri Torres

Social Media Representative




Yes it does make a difference why you cancel. A contract is a two party agreement, if they have not provided the service you cannot be held to a contract and they cannot charge a cancellation fee.

They have “breached” the contract. It is important to have all communications in writing and be “on the record”, save all records make copies of the emails. Send complaints to the BBB in Colorado, where the company is headquartered then all communications will be dated and in writing, keep records. Also, if the company has “breached” the contract and “threatening” to charge cancellation fees, send a complaint to your states Attorney General’s office.

Because 46 state Attorney Generals compelled Dish into an “Assurance of Voluntary Compliance”, AVC, in 2009. The AVC was a settlement for these types of consumer complaints, but the AGs retained the right to continue to monitor this company for noncompliance.

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