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Took app. 25 minutes to print a beer can chicken recipe from my Yahoo!

home page. I think it would be quicker to mail the recipe to me by USPS. Or, if you live in the 62037 area, you could drive over to my house with it. This is after my monthly rate was raised by app.

$40 over my objection. I pay over $144 per month for internet and Top 200 TV. Just those 2 services. NOTHING else.

I can not get service from anyone else. Maybe because I am in an area served by a small phone company. I am not in a remote location.

From the hill behind my house, which I own, I can see the Arch in downtown St. Louis.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Independence, Missouri, United States #1011551

Sounds like you used all your data and are currently in a FAP(fair access policy violation). Once your subscribed to dats is used up, you can still use Internet, but it will be just double dial up speed(128kbps) and with all the flash and other tools used on most websites, is not good for today. You can turn all that off on your browser settings and it will just be html that comes in and will load faster.

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