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One day in April of last year I was notified by a collection agency that I owed dish network money. I have never open a Dish Network Account and was shocked I later found out from a sales person that dish network had allowed someone to use my social with their name to open up an account with their company.

Just yesturday I called and found out from a manager that they did do a credit check and it came back as not a match and she does not know why they was allowed to open that type of account when they was not suppose to. I am look for individuals that have the samething happen to them to join me in a lawsuit against dish network for allowing fraudulat activaties with their company they have to be held accountable for their employees action. I also came accross one of their sales agent online that was telling me that I could get a better deal using my spouse information and after I told her I would have to call in after I spoken to my husband. She goes on to tell me I will have to do everything over again that she can wait while I call him and then she will use his information to get a better deal.

I feel that is illegal because even though i am his spouse i have no right to give anyone permission to run his credit especially since I have no power of attoerny.

I am look for people to join me in a class action suit if your interested please email me at thank you. Only seriouse emails please!!!

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Daniel Riveramedina,

Allow me to help you with this issue you've posted as I want to get a serious type of issue like that straightened out for you! We take this very seriously and I would appreciate your cooperation if you could please send me your phone number in an email to so I can get a hold of you to discuss it further. Thank you for your efforts and I'll look forward to hearing from you!



I wanted to let you know that I saw your post and was really interested in getting that resolved for you as this is a type of situation that we take very seriously! If you could please email me your phone number, it would be my pleasure to get in contact with you to discuss this in detail. My email address is and I'll look forward to speaking with you!


That happened to me too. Somebody from Tennessee named Daniel Gonzalez opened and account with my SSN and my last name is Riveramedina, How DishNetwork allows the opening of accounts with different last names for a given SSN? are they helping those fraudulent people doing that to get more$$?

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