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Dish is not what they claim to be. Internet works fine UNTIL there is any wind (sometimes even as as much as a strong breeze), any cloud cover AT ALL, (yes, even white clouds) rain or snow.

You might as well just not even bother trying to get online if any of these apply. It's so frustrating, and you get the runaround when you call for help too. You wait on hold forever, and more than half the time they are not able to help you anyway. The cap on data usage is laughable.

They gouge you for more gigabytes. You have to really watch it if you like watching videos, because you could go over your limit in a short period of time. I have 30 gigabytes per month. (15 of those are for between 2-6am--what good does THAT do me?

Most people are asleep then!) So that leaves me with only 15, and by watching only a few videos a day, I can easily run over that within two weeks. And forget even thinking about watching a movie! I have to check my data usage frequently. I am switching to a new local radio internet because I'm fed up with Dish.

This new company does NOT have a cap on data usage! AND they are cheaper than Dish! I'll be saving about $40 per month, and no limit on the videos I watch, with much better reception. Why in the world would I stick with Dish?

I'm so glad I finally have another option, as I didn't for years, as we live in a rural area. It was either dial-up or Dish. Plus, I have heard personally from neighbors that the reception is excellent almost 100% of the time with the new company. So with Dish we have to pay for it every month, have a cap on our data, which is gone ridiculously fast, and yet we don't get any internet at all for hours or even days if there is any wind at all.

In the last few days, I've had HOURS daily of no internet, and two of those days were sunny and clear! Do we get compensated for that in any way? No, of course not. It seems Dish does not want to keep its customers.

If it did, it would offer more data, or unlimited data and not make these false claims that the reception is so wonderful. I have had Dish for a few years, and I'm so disappointed that I've been on the *** of tears several times. Now I hear that if I cancel service, I can get someone from the company to remove our equipment (since we're older and not able to do it ourselves) but that WE have to mail it back to them! They won't take it with them!

What's up with that!

I'm done with this foolishness. I doubt Dish will be around much longer unless they can start competing with companies that offer MORE for LESS and start acting like they CARE about their customers!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Internet Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Customer service and service.

  • horrible dish network
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Mesa, Arizona, United States #936297

I would strongly recommend you research the companies Dish uses for their Satellite internet. They are not going anywhere.

I'll help get you started. They are Viasat(Wildblue Excede) and HughesNet(owned by Echostar since 2012). The customers that these services are made for, are extremely happy they have any internet at all.

The alternate option is dial up or more outages. DishNet is just a name, they are not actually providing the service from the satellites.

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