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We asked Dish Network to come to my daughter's home and install service to her house. They came, but brought a bad box. We called them and they sent a new one and we gave them the bad one.

They charged us for that box anyway by drafting $355.99 out of our account without telling us. We called as soon as we found out and argued with them, got disconnected several times and finally got someone to admit that they found that box in a warehouse somewhere.

They promised to replace our money within 48 hours. Why is it that they can steel our money in a few hours and it takes 8 hours to replace it. We did get our money back, only to find our that a week later, they are trying to take it out again. What can we do to stop this? We want to cancel the contract and/or do we have to change our bank account to stop them from steeling our money again.

Any answers out there?

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Account.

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Hello, Nick Franta with DISH Network Customer Support.

It sounds like this issue has been taken care of by a rep. In the future, if that credit card was used to set up the account it would be in the contract where it would be charged for any unreturned equipment fees.

If you have any questions about this I can assist you further. Please e-mail me directly at


At this point, be glad that you could even tell what I was spelling! I have heart trouble and cancer. I am having a hard time even talking on the phone at this moment

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Tell your bank and they can stop the draft. Then get a lawyer and take them to small claims court if they give you any trouble. Also, it is spelled "stealing" not "steeling."

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