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I've been a dish customer for a little under a year. I called to cancel my services and much to my surprise like many other customers I was then informed that I had to pay to ship them their equipment back.

I was charged $17 per box. Ofcourse I was beyond pissed because the equipment was brought to me so why am I being charged to use your service. That's like retaliation for cancelling. THEN I asked for the details of my last bill because they told me that I would receive a credit.

Well I was billed for movies that I had never bought. I called Dish and was told that I had to rent these movies because I couldn't be billed for them without using my remote to do so (as if humans can't add anything to your bill). Then I was told that they remove your harddrive from your DVR and if there is movies on it, they charge you that way. Dish could not tell me when I had rented the movies though.

I complained enough to get my money returned but this whole operation is a scam. I will never be a customer, I will never recommend them. The owners should burn in *** as with many other companies. I don't appreciate being stolen from and I will not allow it to happen.

I did try to get some movies when I first got the service but the rep I signed up with had given me vouchers to get the movies for free. When I found out that Dish's movie service sucked and you had to wait in line to see a movie, I disconnected my modem and never tried again. I believe that is what they were trying to charge for.

Still ridiculous. Hate'em!!!

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Aurora, Colorado, United States #657003

I saw your post and wanted to provide you with some assistance! We hated to see you go and if you could please email me your account number at michael.lemar@dish.com, it would be my pleasure to take a look at it and assist you further!

Please understand that not everyone uses our method of shipping to return our equipment so we don't feel that it's fair to increase everyone's monthly rate to cover the cost of shipping. You are by no means required to use our shipping method but we make the option available if you choose to.

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