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I had a hard drive fail in the bedroom 722, they quickly sent out a replacement unit. The fan on the replacement unit would come on at night, probably when it was updating, but would never turn off. If we reset the box, unplug/plugin, in the morning, fan would stay off until the next night and then start all over again. The unit is on a dresser in a room that is 55 to 60 degrees and is in standby mode from 6am until 3pm.

First level support said it was normal for the loud fan to run all the time, I asked for a supervisor and was transferred to Tabatha ID# IAY, she asked me the problem and as soon as I got to " starts during the night..." she cut me off and repeated exactly what the first guy had said. I attempted to say she needed to let me finish, but no, she would not stop talking down to me and when I raised my voice to try and explain over hers, she said I was yelling and said good by and hung up on me.

I called back and was transferred again to the same person, I said I needed to talk to a different supervisor and she said no. I said then connect me to the department to cancel service, she said ok and when I herd music on hold, assuming she was gone, said out loud to myself "what a ***" She apparently could hear it and angain hung up on me.

I called a turd time into customer service and reached customer retention who immediately ordered me a replacement box at no cost and took the complaint about Tabitha #IAY. If you get this Tabatha looser and you get attitude, report her to customer service.

I have been with Dish Network for ten years this month without any problems, until now.

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