I have read the complaints regarding Direct TV and wonder how so many people who are not capable of spelling correctly managed to order it in the first place?

My only complaint right now is I have to write at least 100 words for my review to be posted!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, New Year Cheers, Happy Valentines Day, Good Easter to You, Happy July 4th, Happy Birthday To You, Always cook your turkey to 160 degrees, Use only red potatoes for potato salad and Hellmann's Mayo, bacon is a good addition, and finally read the fine print before you commit!

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When Dish AND DirecTV both employ outsourced agents primarily in INDIA, does it really surprise you that there is nothing better for them to do? It isn't as if they care about their customer base to offer up a response of empathy or understanding. Once you have the piece of tin installed, you are in for a total nightmare.


I think DishTV has better things to do than sit around and write complaints about DirecTV.

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