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Ever since I signed up with Dish Network's service they have engaged in bait and switch tactics where they quote a low rate for service and the bill arrives and is double the amount. I was promised 24.99 for service (which was only for 3 specialized international channels) plus fees, which the sales agent said he couldn't quote but would be minimal.

Also, a $10 discount if I opted in for direct withdrawal payment was promised. Then, they offered 3 months free premium channels and blockbuster online for free, for signing up. Sounded great, until my bill came for over $50.00 and I was told the $10 discount was only for HD service and would not be credited. When I called to complain about the rates, they suggested they switch my plan and never said the free blockbuster service they offered would be removed.

Then, they said they could not add the blockbuster back if I did not upgrade my account to a higher plan, which I refused to do. Then, the next month's bill came and it was $103. They were charging for the "free" premium channels. They credited me $43 after 2 hrs of phone calls.

A manager named Brian on 4/27/12 also promised I would get free local channels for 6months, monthly $5 credit and the free blockbuster added back to the account. None of that happened, except for the $5 which came with another 2yr contract attached if I wanted to opt in, and he made no notes in the computer regarding his promises. Now this month, I get a bill and it is $103 again!! I called and was hung up on twice.

Then was told that the premium services have been cancelled and they have no idea why I am still calling because they can't do anything. They have automatic withdrawal and they will charge me the $103 this month.

I just want to cancel the service with them because they are swindlers and thieves. They told me they would charge me a cancellation fee of $200 even though they have lied and repeatedly reneged on the prices and services promised.

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Same issues for me too!!!!


Switched to cable and glad of,

I would be happy to address your concerns as I found them interesting! Thank you, as well, for choosing our service and giving us a try!

We're very glad to have you. Please understand that as a network provider, we have no control over what the network broadcast as that's their choice. We just pay them to provide them to you and have no control over the content shown as we do not own them.

I would be delighted to have a look at your account information to make sure you everything correct and the best-fit package for your needs if you could please email me your account number. My email address is and I'll look forward to speaking with you!



We would have loved to have you with us and I would be interested in addressing any concerns you have with the service! Have you had a chance to check us out at for some information about our pricing and promotions?

I'll look forward to hearing from you if you could please email me with any questions or concerns you've had as I would be happy to get them cleared up. My email address is and I wish you a wonderful day!



Your post caught my attention as I found it interesting and wanted to provide you with some assistance! Could you please email me your account number if you haven't already gotten this taken care of as that would be a big help? My email address is and I look forward to hearing from you to talk about this a bit further!


After being with direct tv for 1 years and the prices constanly going up I swiched to Dishnet work and there worse,basic 120 channels which offer nothing but constant reruns, the same thig over and over day and week. I was paying $80.00 a month for this garbage.

I cancelled and went to cable tv, still a lot of reruns but has 150 channels with some good stuff and also high speed internet, price $ 81.50 a month and this is no special offer,its the regular price, much more service for a $ 1.50 more a month. Stay with cable.


Just so you know, I am looking to change from my cable company. I am glad that I looked up your comment so I can make sure I know the tricks.

Not sure if I will get Dish. Probably won't.

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