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Remote is NOT USER FRIENDLY. There is no Exit button on remote -- only a Back button which only takes you back one step.

If you are more than 1 step in you have to BACK out as many steps as you are in. Most all remote commands require 2 or more clicks to accomplish what you want, i.e., if you want to Record the program you are watching, Record requires that you click Select which brings up a menu where you then click over to Record and THEN you click Select AGAIN -- SOO 3 clicks to record a program and if you want to record the series you have to wait for the show to record enough so you can then hit Select again bringing up a menu, then click over to Record Options, 2 more clicks, then click Select , then 2 clics over to edit timer, then click Select, then make you timer edit choices, i.e. multiple more clicks, then to get back to the show, hit the Back button multiple times until you get a full screen view of the program you were watching. Later changes require you hit the DVR button, click up to Recordings, then over to Timers, hit Select, either find your show or press Options then sort by ABC, then find the show, click down to show, select edit timers, etc., etc., etc.

Like I said, not an intuitive remote nor is it user friendly!! Additionally when you first turn on the TV you get a Dish advertising screen NOT TV so you have click "any button" to watch TV -- hence 2 clicks to watch TV. OOOH --- have I mentioned the remote eats batteries? Well, with all the excessive clicking it uses a set of batteries about every 6 weeks to 2 months.

If you want to run recorded programs back to back, you first go to Home and then I call customer service to walk me through it because I can't remember all the convoluted steps to do that. When you complain about the remote, they WILL SELL you a different one but when the one furnished is so awful, why would you trust Dish to sell you a better one? Also Dish has gone up $40 - $45 a month in 6 months. AND the advertised remote with microphone for verbal requests works about 50% of the time.

My husband's requests for "war movies" frequently gets "horror movies" or it indicates there is no matching programming. ALSO, Even if there are free hoppers, the MAIN TV BOX ALWAYS goes to a program about to be recorded. Why would I set up recording of a program if I wanted the TV to switch channels to that show. Also if you do not change channels or adjust volume every so often the TV will go to Paid Programming.

AND even though My Settings are set to Update at 3:00 AM, it always comes up to reset around 7:00 AM!!! I now wonder if my frequent complaints to Dish has resulted in even poorer service and customer support.

Needless to say, I am not a fan of Dish or its new remote .. so I think the only way we will get better service is with a different service.

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If you press and hold the back button(1press) it will exit. I agree with anonymous above. This is almost completely user error or settings you can change.


I honestly don't want to correct you on everything you posted here but almost everything you mentioned was due to user error or settings you can change if you don't like the way things are. You can find more information in the manual or on mydish.com to address everything you mentioned.

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