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Lose T.V. service nearly everyday, Records Shows i dont want to record, will not stop recording those shows, does the network pay you to force record these shows?T.V. stops every night at 1am, Voice goes out constantly, Does not always record shows i set, The worst cable i have ever had.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Tv Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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the only thing dish records by default is for prime time anytime this is a feature that benefits a lot of people, dish does not get paid to record prime time and in fact has been sued over it because it has something called auto hop which skips commercials automatically, this is also a feature that you can turn off in the settings if you don’t want it, if something else is being recorded that is not prime time then it’s user error (your error) if the shows you are trying to record are not being recorded you can find out why by going to the timers and it will tell you why that show wasn’t recorded, this could be due to multiple reasons most likely user error, if you keeps losing service and the weather is fine you can call dish tech support, your dish may need to be moved or wiring could need to be fixed

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