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The Hopper Took Out My Flat Screen, It Made A Quick Beep Then Our TV Power Went Out! After Receiving A Call From DISH About Results Finding Nothing Wrong With The Hopper That Would Cause It To Blow Out My Flat Screen TV (I Knew What Was Going To Happen Even Before It Did), Waiting About A Month With No TV Paying My Bill On Time And Trying To Live On A Fixed Income I Have Decided That I'm Tired Of Taking The High Road And Am Going To Do "EVERYTHING" I Can Possibly DO To Let People Know How Dissatisfied I Am With DISH And Their Typical Greed Response!

Monetary Loss: $800.

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Surge protectors are good and fine, if the surge comes down a power line. How many other lines are connected to the hopper?

The cable line, a phone line? You may also have a internet line hard wired.

Anyone of the lines can take a surge into a box and then to the tv. Good luck in proving what line did it.

Orlando, Florida, United States #823651

First, punctuation is great. Second, more likely what happened is you had a power surge and no surge protector that caused your tv to go out.

to MattD78 Bremen, Kentucky, United States #823795

I had both the tv and hopper on a surge protector. What this whole problem falls under is the hopper was so very hot to the touch and the fact that I asked prior to sending hopper in to have a tech check it that I was abruptly told that no matter who checked it that they trusted no one but their techs for diagnosis, this immediately suggested to me I was going to lie or was lying about the whole issue (assumed guilty) which shows me greed overtakes all truth and is just a sad commentary about DISH!

to Bob Phoenix, Arizona, United States #823978

Or it shows that a lot if people try to scam. It is true.

Have you ever gone through a restaurant and noticed they did not charge you for something. You don't say anything to them. That would be the simplest form of the customer lying.

They are covering their backside by saying "only people trained specifically in this equipment, will have our seal of approval". It's dish's money that they would have to pay out, so of course they will want to make 100% sure they owe that money.

to Chad Bremen, Kentucky, United States #824027

Well Unlike A Few I Can Honestly Say I Return Found Items, Go Back To Grocery Store If I Missed Paying For Something etc And I Have Made A Cashier Aware Of A Mistake Even If It Was In My Favor Either Way. You See Not 100% Of People Are Thieves Or Cheats And That Is The Problem In This Entire Country People Look At The Worst In People Rather Than The Best Because If They Did This Country Would Be A Much Better Place To Live.

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