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I recently contacted Dish Network due to an increase in my grandmother's bill. It is the second time in a year that this has been raised on her. My grandmother is on a fixed income. She knew that the first increase would occur b/c of a promotional rate for 6 months, but did not know about the second increase and is in a contract w/ Dish for 2 yrs. (At least that is what she believes...I am not sure. She showed me a service agreement, but Dish did not provide her with any copy of a contract.)

I first spoke to the customer service rep who was no help at all. I asked what needed to be done to assist my grandmother and he said there was nothing he could do. I asked for his mgr, but he told me that he did not know his manager's name. I asked how it was possible he did not know his manager's name. He then stumbled and said his manager's last name was Mohammed. He then stated that his first name was Mohammed and that his last name was Jefarkhani. It sounded like he was making the whole thing up. He then transferred me to what he called a specialist. She also was no help. I asked to speak w/ her manager and her supervisor, Laura, employee ID CIE gave me the run around. She said she could not assist me since I was not on my grandmother's account, but what I would like to know is how did the other 2 people speak with me? I asked for her supervisor and she said I could write a letter to Dispute Resolution Team in Littleton CO. I told her I would like to speak w/ her mgr and she said her manager was in corporate and that she could not give me a number. I asked for her manager's name and she said she could not give this out. She said this was against company policy. I looked online and the address she gave me is not even for Dish. It is for some legal firm that apparently represents Dish. I would like to know how her supervisor is a legal firm. It was just dishonesty from the beginning.

I later called back to the customer service line to see if they could call my grandmother so she could have me added to her account. (She has trouble getting through to a live person with their customer service number.) I was told that the customer service dept did not have the ability to call out to customers. I asked for a dept that could, but the employee refused to give me anyone else. I recommend that no one sign up for service with this company. They are dishonest and incompetent to handle customer complaints.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dish Network Account.

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Hello! This is Dan Bus with DISH Network customer support. I would be happy to look into this issue for you. Please e-mail me at:

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